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 ShockedWhat do u freaks  suggest i have when i get home ? anything helpful? Shocked

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For the first couple of weeks, I was on liquids.  That includes herbal teas, broths, protein shakes, sugar-free gelatin and sugar-free non-carbonated drinks.

After my 2-wk post-op visit with the doctor, I was able to add puree foods like cottage cheese, yogurt, thicker soups (contents pureed) and soft-scrambled eggs.

After that, your doctor should have you work with a nutritionist for the rest of your after care.

Of course, above all else, make sure you get in your protein, I try for at least 70 grams a day.  You may not be able to get it all in at first, but it gets easier.

(Edit:  I just noticed your surgery type is DS.  I'm not sure if your initial diet will vary because of that, as I got the sleeve.)
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Read the story I'm telling you I know that it is best for me.
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