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Wednesday March 25th — Well.. Not that you would see from the below but I have kept up with my running. I am stuck on week 3.. I ran yesterday and took my doggy with me and it was a good run.. She distracts me so that I am not focused so much on what I can’t do and what hurts and all of that happy crap. I still really need to lose a few lbs and running isn’t doing it for me. UGH.. I do feel like my clothing is looser but I haven’t lost any lbs.. Aye yi yi.. It will happen, though.. I am determined!

Tuesday, March 10th.. — WOW.. Time totally got away from me.. I meant to run on Friday but I got my hair done (had to cover up all the grays).. When I got home from that had lots of stuff to do around the house.. Then Saturday we filmed all day.. Sunday was my daddy’s birthday and Monday I ended up with a migraine. So.. That brings me to today. Ran Week 3 Day 1. I did okay. There were two long runs in my session today (and by long I mean 2 or 3 minutes LOL).. I stopped once during each of them and walked about 8 paces before starting to run again.. Not bad. I feel so good once I am done with the run.. Filming was fun on Saturday – course I always have fun at the BTV Megaplex and Studio Empire. Filming again week after next.. We need to get some stashed away so if one of us takes vacation – we have some ready to go.. 🙂 Hopefully I will post again on Thursday when I again attempt W3! Ta Ta

Wednesday – March 4th… Week 2 Day 5.. I did it.. and it felt good.. not great.. but I didn’t keel over and die AND I ran all the running intervals – didn’t skip any of them.. On the last running interval I lengthened my stride and actually felt like a runner. Thank goodness it was only for 90 seconds cuz that just about did me in. I think on Friday I will start Week3 and see how that goes… What makes me the happiest about all of this? That I haven’t given up! Yeah for me!

Monday – March 2nd – Ran Week 2 again.. I think I am going to do Week 2 for another week. I just don’t think I am ready to go to Week 3. Started my new job yesterday and around 2pm put on the running gear and took off. I really felt kind of lethargic as I started off and DIDN’T want to run.. but I did. I made it through the session but didn’t feel good about it. No endorphins.. no ‘runners high’.. So.. I am going to do Week 2 for another week until I can easily run the intervals without feeling like I am going to die. Then I will go to Week 3 (no idea what Week 3 has in store for me but I am sure it is something like running 2 minutes at a time).. and yeah.. I totally know that not being able to run for 2 minutes at a time sounds so pathetic – but seriously.. it is hard! I have been checking out the c25k forums and other n00bs pretty much say the same stuff I am saying so I guess it is pretty normal. I do have to say that I feel better and maybe that is just a mind set more then anything.. since I am actually sticking to this and not giving up.. my legs feel stronger and I am not sore anymore after a session.. so that is a good thing. Tuesday is a ‘rest day’ but I might go walking and see how far I can go.. More running on Wednesday.. Will update again. 🙂

Saturday – Feb 28th.. Week 2 day 2 or 3.. I have no clue.. I think day 2. I got up this morning.. Beautiful day.. Put on my running clothes, shoes, hat, iPOD and headed out the door. I did okay.. It wasn’t as easy as it was on Thursday but I did finish and did a few more songs on my iPOD walking to cool down. I was trying to lengthen my stride and be more ‘runneresque’ but I am still a plodder. I ran down over by the navy base a few blocks from my house and a group of REAL runners came up behind me and passed all around me.. Yeah.. I am the total turtle runner. I did it, though.. I am going to stick at Week 2 until I think I can move to Week 3.. I think in week three you have to run for 3 minutes at a time. I KNOW that hardly seems like anything but sheesh.. give it a try! It is freakin hard! Still not giving up. My hubs said when I finish the program we will run a 5K together.. Of course he will be WWWWWAAAAAYYY ahead of me in the pack.. but if I am doing it – then that is all that matters. Plus this is helping me train for the Breast Cancer 3Day.. Need to start walking longer distances on alternate running days.. I should be walking down past the Navy Amphib base (I live between two Navy bases.. air station… and amphib base..) I am going to be WELL prepared for the walk come November. Well.. my dog is sitting here staring at me. Going to hop on my bike and take her for a run now. She runs.. I ride! 🙂

Thursday – Feb 26th… YEAH! Must have been all attitude but I notice some stuff while I was running today. Week 2 is 2 minutes of walking fast and 90 seconds of running.. The music is more upbeat then in Week 1 so it encourages you to kick it up a notch. I notice that I get very self conscious when I am running.. wondering what people think when they see me, etc.. So today I put a ball cap on and my sunglasses.. Put in my earphones and got going. It was much better not being able to see people if I didn’t want to.. and I felt very annonymous so I could concentrate more on what I was doing and less on what I perceived everyone to be thinking. I also tried very hard to NOT run faster then I should simply because I didn’t want people to stare at that slow cantering girl.. I was able to run each 90 second segment with no issues and I even played 3 more songs on my iPOD and kept walking once the session was over. All in all I feel fantastic today. I think I might be getting a glimmer of what these running people feel that makes them keep doing it. Will run again this weekend either Saturday or Sunday. The new episode posts tonight and while reviewing it I freakin laughed my ass off. OMG it is hilarious.. and now I want a meatball..

Tuesday – Feb 24th. Umm.. Tried to do Week 2 Day 1 of the C25K and boy do I suck. I walked for most of it. Just couldn’t seem to get running… I will try again in a day or two.

Thursday – Feb 19th… Ran again today. Although I am nowhere near a runner.. more of a plodder… today WAS easier then Day 1. So now I am done with Week 1 and start Week 2 . 8 Weeks to go until I can run a marathon! Hopefully next week I will begin to see what all these runners find so dang fascinating about doing this. Got home from running today and the husband and I took our dog out for a run.. We ride our bikes.. dog runs. Went down to the beach to check out the sunset (it was fabulous) and now I am getting ready to go have sushi.. Yummy.. Sushi. We are filming more episodes this weekend. Uh.. and for the episode being released tonight .. all I have to say is NO ONE EVER LET ME WEAR HORIZONTAL STRIPES AGAIN! Heehee..

Will post again if I survive Day 1 Week 2!

Monday – Feb 16th.. I am supposed to do the C25K 3 times a week with a day of rest in between each session. Rest was yesterday. It’s rainy out this morning, though.. Do I actually want to do this? *sigh* I went to Roadrunner on Saturday and bought new shoes (I have hid them!).. so yeah. I roll out of bed.. toss on the clothing, put on my shoes.. fire up my iPod and out the door I go. Within 5 minutes I am soaking wet from the rain. (why do people enjoy doing this?) But I perservere and another day of week one is completed.. Still don’t love running.. Wonder when the ‘endorphins’ will kick in and make me crave this. I crave a shower and sweats and a good book.. 🙂 Next running day… Wednesday.. Then I start week 2 (2 minutes of walking / 90 seconds of running).. UGH

Saturday – Feb 14th.. I started the C25K program today. Got up.. got on my running clothes.. And then couldn’t find my running shoes. Katie has them.. She’s at weight training for waterpolo and took my shoes. One of the downsides of wearing the same sizes as your 17 year old.. (an upside is wearing the sizes as your 17 year old waterpolo player! She is about a half size smaller pants size.. but come on.. I used to wear a 22/24.. think this doesn’t THRILL me?) Okay.. so do I NOT go running? Yet another in a long line of excuses.. Nope.. I put on my chucks and head out the door. 90 seconds of walking fast.. 60 seconds of running. For almost 30 minutes. Hmm.. I did okay. I was tired and sweaty but I did it! Yeah for me!

February 10th — ARGHHHH Work is so stressful.. I am thankful, though, that I have a job – even though it feels like it is killing me. My shoulders are all knotted up.. My stomach hurts.. I have migraines all the time. And this feeling, this emotional tidalwave, is when I need to be super careful that I don’t turn to food to make it all better.. Cuz really – it will only be better for as long as I am eating the food – then the guilt comes..and I don’t like the guilt. GAWD I need a vacation. That is all.. carry on.

Feb 2nd! Happy freakin’ February.. LOL.. OMG – CARB COMA from the Superbowl yesterday. And it doesn’t take much.. I had some tostidos and guac… and I made pulled pork sammiches with cole slaw and baked beans.. Ate 80% protein but that 20% yesterday (when normally it is like 5%) has me feeling like crap-o-la today – thats for sure. Protein Protein Protein this week.. I need to decarb after tthat carbtastic frenzy of yesterday. Work = stressful.. Home = wonderul.. Friends = fantastic.. All in all life is grand. I love that we are getting lots of new members chiming in on the forum.. Going over to Mike and Toni’s this weekend to film more episodes.. Yeah! a reason to spend all day with two of my favorite people (and their kids and dogs!).. Hope everyone out there in BTVland is doing fabulous as well.

December ….Um January 10th.. SERIOUSLY! – Happy 2009.. So far so good. My New Years Eve resolution this year was to win the Lotto .. my husband reminded me that I actually have to PLAY the lotto to win.. So here it is the 10th and I finally bought some quick picks.. Wish me luck! 🙂 On a more realistic note – I am demanding that my body drop this 10 – 15 lbs that it has picked up along the way like some wayward hitch hiker.. Okay.. time to drop her off now, dear. My clothing all still fits but is a little tight. My surgeons office contacted me to see if I would send them recent pics for their advertising and if I would like to come speak at their Seminars for prospective pre-ops. I would imagine Toni will get contacted too as she also is an advertisement for them as well as a past seminar speaker like moi. And if she doesn’t – too bad.. We are a package.. where I go she goes.. and all that happy crap. Anyway.. I used to do these seminars when I was about a year out but I think I would be more realistic now. I was at my super all time low weight back in those days and right now (well, minus the freakin hitch hiker) I am pretty much stable. Ehh.. even with the extra 10 or so lbs I am still a happy camper.. the daunting task of losing 10 (or 15) lbs is sooooo much more attainable them 100 or 150, right? Thank gawd for WLS! Anyway.. work is horrendously busy right now.. but I am oh so thankful to have a job.. this ecomony is a tough cookie right now so I will just keep my head low and not tempt fate.. Carry on people… no freak show.. oh wait.. the freak show IS here! Until next time.

November 26th – The day before Thanksgiving. I am having a boat load of people over tomorrow and my microwave died. Wouldn’t be an issue if I had a normal kitchen but I don’t… This house we are renting has a stove with only 2 burners that work consistently (sometimes 3) – a teeny tiny oven with only one rack.. and now a dead microwave. UGH.. We rented out our house that we own and are renting here so our daughter can go to this high school.. I can’t WAIT to be in a good kitchen again.. This kitchen is so very hoaky! 🙂 Okay.. nuff of that. I have gone to the grocery store and got everything I need for tomorrow. I am doing a turkey AND a prime rib…”how am I going to do this in my hoaky kitchen?” you ask… We put the turkery on the weber grill outside and the prime rib sucks up the entire oven.. I will have to start it EARLY so that it can come out and let me cook all the other stuff afterwards.. Ahh.. the yearly juggling act.. Is that circus music I hear? Okay gang.. Good luck with whatever your plans are for tomorrow.. Please send good cooking thoughts my way.. I need em!

November 19th – What a busy week! I think I am going to be slammed right up to Sunday. I am cracking up that Episode 2 is getting the most downloads.. Must be something about the title “why am I am freak?”.. Guess we should always post controversial titles.. Heading to Palm Springs on Saturday with mom for the Follies.. Hopefully the weather cools down.. It’s almost Thanksgiving fortheloveofgoodness! Going Friday to get my back tattoo finished… 3 sittings this one took.. Sheesh.. Looking forward to the next episode of BTV.. The next few I haven’t seen a sneak peek so I have no idea what they will turn out to be. I am sure they will be entertaining.. Toni and I seem to be getting more comfortable and geeky in front of the camera.. From what I hear the bloopers are HILARIOUS.. Ah.. well… good thing I am not self consious about all of this or I might be mortified… HA! So not me.

November 16th – In order to start this BLOG here at BTV I have to post the link to the very beginning of my WLS journey… One of these days I will copy it off of this site and put it somewhere else.. But for now it is still at .

When Toni and Mike first approached me about this BariatricTV idea I felt a lot of things. Flattered that they would even think of me… Happy that I would get to spend time with them.. Nervous because I had never done anything like this before… and Scared because – what if we couldn’t pull it off? I had no idea what all this would entail.. Toni and Mike were the experts. Mike, because – well, media is his business. And Toni because she is one smart cookie and has been married to Mike for a long time – so she has been just soaking up this media stuff. PLUS – they are the ones who have been going to the conventions in Vegas learning everything they could about this new type of media.

They were so enthusiastic about this that I couldn’t help but be enthusiastic as well. So here we are. 3 Episodes up and out there and being received really well. Toni and I are both getting much better at sitting in front of the camera (which is no easy thing to get used to, I tell ya… Specially when, as a fat person, you spend most of your time trying to get away from a camera… I definitely didn’t want to hear that famous “FRIENDS” line about cameras – “the camera does add 10 lbs..” – “oh yeah? How many cameras were on you?”… UGH

I am really excited about our upcoming episodes.. Toni, Mike and I have so many ideas.. And our viewers keep sending us great ideas as well. No idea where this will go but I can tell ya that for right now – I am having a BLAST and Toni and Mike are the bombdiggity for including me in this little adventure.. Something that I NEVER would have done before WLS.

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