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03/01/09 Here I am….Let see what’s new. Inspired by Miss Lynnda, I too am doing the C25K program. Not gonna lie…don’t love it. I’m doing it but I have to force myself. And I’ll admit, running is getting easier. Need to work on my breathing more though…..Doing some research on how to breath correctly while running. Today, Mike and I took a long bike ride. We needed it. Work, BTV has us both going a little crazy. Mike puts in a huge amount of hours on BTV. I’m blessed to have him. I am up a few pounds and that has me concerned. Time to lay off the carbs again. I hope this, a long with the running, will bring me back down those few pounds. It’s amazing how much bigger I feel with just a 3-5 pound weight gain. Anyway..exciting things to come on BTV and we are so happy people are liking it.

02/17/09 I feel horrible that I haven’t been blogging as much. I can say that I’m just swamped. Because of the economic crisis, my “real life” job has become much more difficult. When you hold the purse strings, and someone had tied a huge knot it them…things tend to get a little crazy.  BTV is going well though. Working with Mike and Lynnda…its not like work. Its fun. We laugh a lot while doing the shoots. Danielle makes it fun too. She’s an awesome daughter.  My weight goes up and down a few pounds but I’ve been watching it closely. I do seem to have  a bit of a vitamin deficiency thing going on with vitamin C. (not exactly one that the doctors make us focus on)  Going to increase that and see if it resolves the issues. Spent the last 3 days working. Only one day to relax.  Oh Well.   Let see….my main focus right now it to continue working on BTV.  I do need to move my ass a little more then I have been, but Geesh..all this rain makes it difficult.  I know…I know…no excuses!!!

01/09/09 Holiday’s are OVER!! Yeah. I survived. And…drum roll…lost 3 pounds. I think it was that I was just too damn busy to indulge in all the junk. It’s not like we didn’t bake cookies and brownies and fudge…but then I would have to run off and do something and by the time I got back…all gone. So that’s a new trick. Keep too busy to eat. Over extend yourself. Anyway…it’s a new year and I’m totally excited for it. Gonna keep it positive.

12/7/08 Sunday…lets remember Pearl Harbor. My own grandfather was a survivor. Take a minute to reflect  about it.  Hung my Christmas lights today. I’m hoping it helps to put me in the mood. The economy is doing everything it can to squelsh that.  We shot 3 more episodes yesterday. It takes ALL day. Lots of logistic…Lots of mistakes. Lynnda rocks at it. She’s a natural. Me…little bit more shy and sedate but Hubby does a great job in editing to make me look good.  So just keep watching .

11/22/08 So today is Saturday and I have tons to do. Thanksgiving is coming up. We are going to release next weeks video early since it has the bomb diggity of a recipe for a low sugar pumpkin pie. Mmmmmm….Getting ready to go camping for the holiday. Bath dogs, clean the house, get caught up on the never ending pile of laundry. Sounds found Huh? Ahhh…..My glamorous life. 🙂

11/16/08 It’s Sunday, which means FOOTBALL. Go Chargers!
Some people have asked me “Why are you doing BariatricTV?”. I have several reasons. I have the facilities. Hubby owns his own video production company and yes…we have the means. Secondly, It’s my way of giving back to the WLS community. If I can just help just one person, then it’s worth all our time and effort. They helped me and I want to pay it forward. I have the best support group ever that helped me though and continues to help me deal with ALL the issues the we Freaks end up dealing with. WLS changed my life in so many ways. Not just in size but in deeper ways, which I’ll talk about eventually. Third…accountability…..If I’m putting myself out there as a success, then this will help me to continue to be a success.

11/14/08 Show 3 has been posted. We are getting great feedback and that makes me even more excited about the next upcoming episodes.

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