Danielle 1: The Weight Loss Surgery Journey Begins

Posted by on Jul 5, 2011 in Danielle

It’s week one of Danielle’s new show! Having just had RnY surgery Danielle  (AKA “Prompter Girl”) has decided she needs a show of her own. So, she’s out from behind the prompter and now in front of it. In this episode Danielle let’s you in on just what the show will be about. She also needs some help from you, so send in any questions you have to her via email



  • Danielle explains what her show will be about.
  • Having just had weight loss surgery she wanted a way to document things.
  • Danielle discovers that being in front of the camera is not so easy.
  • She needs your help naming the show. Please put your suggestions for a name in the comments section below.
  • Danielle also wants you to email in any questions you have to her.
  • Danielle wonders if she really had weight loss surgery.
  • She is starting to get some feeling in her pouch
  • Right now she has a love hate relationship with her pouch.
  • Danielle hit a stall the minute she started solid foods.
  • Danielle shares a few thing that helped her keep her head up during her stall.


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26 Responses to “Danielle 1: The Weight Loss Surgery Journey Begins”

  1. Dropin’ It With Danielle
    Dropin’ It Danielle Style
    Dropin’ With Danielle

    Those are my submissions. :D

  2. Um yeah make that:
    Droppin’ It With Danielle
    Droppin’ It Danielle Style
    Droppin’ With Danielle

    Cuz I canz speelz & all!

  3. Leslie isloozinit says:

    Loozin’ It With Danielle

  4. Sephia…cracking me up. :

    Drop it like it’s hot Danielle.

  5. Tammy Bahmanziari says:

    Adventures of Drop Zone Danielle

  6. T2Nashville says:

    WOOHOO! I’m so glad you’re doing this! Everything you said just took me back to those days when I had the same experiences. I haven’t wanted to ask how much weight you’ve lost, because it’s nosy, but WOW! 25 pounds is awesome! I’m sure it’s even more by now.

    Oh, and I really want to be supportive, but I stink at coming up with names. I like Stephanie’s – Drop It Like It’s Hot ideas.

    Love you and can’t WAIT to actually view your progress. Great idea!

    P.S. – Question for show – is it easier or harder having Lynnda, Toni, and your grandmother in your life as role models? Oh, and I seriously think a show with your Mom and Grandma would be very cool. Generational WLS peeps!

  7. Jabba2Halle says:

    Love Sephia’s names. :)

    All I could think of was “Freakin’ My Way”

  8. Danielle’s Freak Show

    Yea for doing this Danielle! It’ll be such a big help to all the new & yet to be newbies out there!

  9. You are great at sharing, Danielle! Thank you!

    How about
    “Get Down with Danielle”
    “Getting Down with Danielle”
    “Git Down with Danielle”
    “Gittin Down with Danielle”

    You will notice I put “git” (as if the Beverly Hillbillies were saying it)

  10. Burnett says:

    Way to go, Danielle! This looks like it will be a lot of fun!

    How about:
    “Freak(s): The Next Generation”
    “Your Loss with Danielle”
    “Freaking Out with Danielle”
    “Weighing In with Danielle”
    “The Scale Whisperer”

  11. oh honey you are doing great.

    Now how about,

    “Stepping Up Front with Danielle”
    “Prompter Girl Rocking It”
    “Danielle Coming Through”

  12. shepkatt says:

    Weapon of Mass Reduction

    Danielle Lightens Up

    From a Hot Mess to HotNess (cept Danielle isn’t a hot mess – so that won’t work)

  13. I like “No Shrinking Violet”.

    Congrats Danielle!

  14. Divine Droppin’ with Danielle

  15. CurlyQT says:

    Downsizing Danielle
    Dropin’ like it’s hot, with Danielle

  16. Danielle’s Devine Nation
    NOTAHOTMESS…but hotness

  17. Patrina says:

    Awsome-osity with Danielle
    Papillon-it means butterfly in french (pronounced pap-e-yawn with a soft n)
    Phoenix Unleashed
    Phoenix Unplugged

  18. Sandy Sellers says:

    “Losing it…Outloud!”

  19. Jusmisbehaven says:

    Gettin freaky with daniell

    The divine daniell freaks out

  20. My Fun, Fantastic, Freaky Life!

  21. shepkatt says:

    Haahaa.. I like “Losin it – Outloud!” that is SOOO Danielle.

  22. How about…

    Dashing Danielle and her Daring pound Dropping?

  23. I like your new show. It is true that you have these questions. I had some though not the same as you. I had lost a whole lot of weight prior to surgery and questioned why I was losing so slowly. It seemed so slow. Yet, I lost…which was the point.
    My thought for a show name is to take it completely away from your name or what you are doing. After all, sooner or later this will be old hat and you will be like this is so easy…right now, it is the thing to talk about, the thing on your mind…
    What are you about when you are you?

    Just my two cents…


  24. Loved it! WTG Danielle.

    Show Titles:

    -A New(b) take on “Out with the Old”

    -Losing Never Looked So Good with Danielle

    -Danielle Loses Her Ass – Film @ 11

  25. Mary Meffe says:

    Dani’s Daze (days)

  26. Danielle; Droppin it!

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