Danielle 7: Is Weight Loss Sugrery The Easy Way Out?

Posted by on Aug 17, 2011 in Danielle

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In show 7 Danielle is getting ready to go back to school. She needs a few easy to make recipes for breakfast and lunch so send them her way! Danielle adds her comments to the recent controversy in the community about weight loss surgery being the easy way out. And she wraps things up by answering a question about the hardest part of weight loss surgery.


  • Danielle is about to head back to school.
  • She’s never been good at making breakfast and taking things to school with her for lunch
  • Share your ideas with her for easy and weight loss surgery friendly breakfast and lunch options.
  • Danielle adds her voice to recent controversy over the Fuming Foodie Article.
  • Danielle answers a question about what has been the hardest part of weight loss surgery so far.


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4 Responses to “Danielle 7: Is Weight Loss Sugrery The Easy Way Out?”

  1. T2Nashville says:

    Breakfast ideas – on the weekends, I make up several pancakes (like the one you love – gonna try that one soon) and put them in a freezer bag to freeze. It’s very easy to pull one out and nuke for a few seconds. Easy 20g of protein!

    RTDs are the easiest choice, but I like to make my own protein shakes. It takes hardly any time, and you can always put them in a travel mug and drink on the way to school. DON”T leave the travel mug in the car for long, though. Protein STINKS when it’s left out too long without rinsing the cup.

    I also suggest making up b’fast burritos and freezing them. Again, very easy to take one out and nuke it. Just use your favorite ingredients. You can even use eggs with these.

  2. T2Nashville says:

    Lunch ideas – deli rollups are so simple and easy to take with you. A little meat, a little cheese, a little mustard – all wrapped around a crunchy dill pickle spear. Yum!

    I also like using the same ingredients in tortilla rolls. Use a low carb tortilla, spread your ingredients, roll it up, and slice into circles.

    Sandwich thins also make really great sandwiches, and even if you can only eat 1/2 right now, you can eat the other 1/2 tomorrow!

  3. For lunch what about getting a little bento box. You could put lots of yummies in there. The first thing that came to mind was little lettuce wraps. YUM! Breakfast…I say at least while adjusting to getting back to school ride the RTD Shakes all the way! Worry about it later.

  4. Daniel, one thing I like to make for breakfast is a PB & Banana rollup.

    1 small banana, 1 small whole wheat tortilla, 1 tbsp all natural peanut butter.

    Spread peanut butter evenly over tortilla. Lay banana on peanut butter and gently straighten out the curve. Roll tortilla up tightly and slice into 6 small rounds.

    makes 2 servings, 165 cal 24.3 g carbs and 4.3 gr protein

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