Episode 143: Office Sabotage After Weight Loss Surgery

Posted by on Oct 21, 2011 in Danielle, Long Term, Reviews

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In this weeks episode of BariatricTV we have a very special Drop Zone freak. Are you getting frustrated with your weight loss? Maybe you just need to do the math? In Altered Reality we look at how to stop regain around the office.  And Danielle pops on to do a review of Building Blocks’ vitamin offerings.


  • Our Drop Zone freak is Tammy Edwards.
  • Toni received an email from a friend that has had some regain.
  • To help lose Toni suggested she try to think of things as if she just had weight loss surgery.
  • If you do the math you may find that your losing more now, then you were right after surgery.
  • We offer up some tips on how to keep from letting the food around the office cause you to regain.
  • Danielle pops in for a review of Building Blocks Multi-Vitamin offerings.


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2 Responses to “Episode 143: Office Sabotage After Weight Loss Surgery”

  1. I so needed this episode! I have gained 15 lbs back. I know what I have done, grazing and not doing my protein shakes. SO I am back to doing the protein shakes for breakfast and lunch and then a healthy meal for supper! I love looking at it as starting from the beginning and ONLY have 15 lbs to goal weight instead of stressing over the 15 lbs regain I have to get back off!!!! Thank you all so much!!!!

    Hugs Kim

  2. T2Nashville says:

    I watched this show a week late, but I watched it when I needed it most. THANK YOU for helping us do the math! I’ll be remembering that line like we do MYA. So grateful!

    Toni – you must wear that outfit more often! Really shows off your boobs nicely – not that I was noticing or anything. LOL!

    Danielle – not only was your segment hilarious (who knew you could channel Brando?) but you look AWESOME! I miss you!

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