BariatricTV- Episode 3: Protein, Protein, Protein

Posted by on Nov 13, 2008 in Food issues, Honeymoon Period

BariatricTV- Episode 3: Protein, Protein, Protein

In episode 3 we discuss the fat person uniform, an easy tip on getting your protein and fast food you can eat.

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Show Notes Episode 3


  • What is the fat person uniform.
  • Lynnda shows her fat person uniform.
  • Toni’s fat person uniform.
  • Lynnda’s solution to the shrinking uniform.
  • Experimenting with a new uniform.
  • Gastric bypass means you need more protein.
  • An easy way to get 75% protein in your diet.
  • Fast food after weight loss surgery
  • Taco Bell Pintos and Cheese.
  • Carls Jr. Low Carb Six Dollar Burger
  • Jack in the Box Chicken Fajita Pita


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19 Responses to “BariatricTV- Episode 3: Protein, Protein, Protein”

  1. I keep sayin’ it…but GREAT job AGAIN girls!!

    Good info on eating tips and as always, your humor shines through!

  2. You think the shows are funny, you should see the out takes. Maybe we’ll do a special holiday out takes episode of the show.


  3. Again…awesome episode!

  4. You gals rock! Now, is that real Emyys behind you ladies, or fake ones?

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to Friday because of you!

  5. Scott! I just checked out your website.. Wow! Very cool.. and thanks for reviewing our site on your site.. We do have a good time and are so glad you are having a good time watching us have a good time :-)

  6. Mike~

    PLEASE do an outtake show!! That would be wonderful!!

  7. Scott,

    They’re not Emyy’s but they are real Telly’s. The Telly is awarded for excellence in local broadcast as well as non-broadcast production. The ones you see in the show are for some corporate productions that I have done.

    I know, it seams a little egotistical to have them in there but the real reason is that the case is to difficult to move every time we shoot. So, it just gets to stay. That’s what we get for shooting in an editing facility :-)


  8. Cool! Tellys are just as good! I say “Pimp yourself as much as possible”!

  9. sweenygirl74 says:

    I love, Love, LOVVVVVE you both and the show.
    Very funny and informative!
    I have forwarded the site to my “BariBuddies”, hope they check it out.

  10. Ah sweenygirl74, that’s an awesome comment.

    Thank you so much.

    and please look for an upcoming episode were we will be doing a contest for our viewers and people they refer to our site.

  11. Lake Tahoe Lady says:

    I think you should have a post for the recipes you receive! So glad to have found this for my nephew!

  12. Hi Lake Tahoe Lady! In our forum there is a board for recipes.. All sorts of recipes.. the ones we show in our episodes as well as recipes that y’all want to share! Did you mean that we should have a spot in our episodes for recipes we receive? We will be making recipes in upcoming episodes that we receive from out in the WLS community..

  13. Thank heavens I came across a post over at OH today which led me to your You Tube site, then here. Let me digress and vent for a moment … This week had me feeling more weepy than a 100 year old weeping willow tree! There were what I call the “chest whacking” procedures needed the past few days due to not just one, but TWO failed attempts at eating chicken — Ya think this gal would have learned after the first attempt? Come on now! I needed gastric bypass didn’t I?! Freak indeed! *g* — Then the rude awakening of grocery shopping amidst all those “well meaning” [?] food versions of Dept. store perfume sprayers … “Would you like to try our Chocolate Decadence Cheesecake?” To myself I mumbled, “Would you like to remove my shopping cart from your posterior?” No, I was polite, smiled & said “No thank you”, although while walking past her I honestly felt my pouch trying to make a grab for the plate, cheeky little devil! The last thing I needed was yet another weepy episode of “Ghost Whisperer,” but sure enough, there I sat last night watching anyway!

    And so it was with a much needed, delighted chuckle, followed by some truly healthy, healing laughter that I found myself sitting here loving all your episodes thus far. I only wish my digital camera’s flash worked so I could send you a picture of my “fat person uniform!” Since surgery was only about 7 & 1/2 weeks ago it’s still my best friend — even with the 120 lbs. I’ve lost between pre and post surgery efforts. Maybe it’s like some men’s guns and it’ll have to be pried off my (in this case) warm, thinner body? Umm, no pun intended concerning “men and tools” BTW. After all, you guys brought up the ‘lawn mowing’! *eg

    Anyway, hope to have given you gals and your wonderful crew some returned laughter here, for what you’ve done for me today you deserve huge hugs and THANK YOU! Loved the comment at the end of the credits BTW, just like most movies today, tell folks they need to stay for after the credits. LMBO!

    Again, thank you so much. Headed for episode 4 but had to post while my mind was firing on most of it’s cylinders! (Hey, it’s lunch time here in cold, bitter, “Jack-less” and even “Hardee-less” New York.) They really love Italian restaurants here, and let’s not get started on that since I’m smiling!

    Warm Hugs & Happy Holidays,


    P.S. Once I can find or make the time to update my site and add my Windows Live blog site to it, I’d love to list your site. Would that be okay?

  14. The good old fat person uniform, yepper I remember them well. I did keep ONE pair of pants and One T Shirt. Everything was given to others as they needed them… My local thrift shop and I became close friends… Got good deals and did not cost me an arm and leg…
    Your tip on 3 bits to one is a great idea… I have always followed the protein first and laying my foods… And label reading I had to laugh, at first if drove my husband crazy but now 5 years later I got him in the habit too so grocery shopping is an afternoon outing.
    Keep up the good work


  15. “Would you like to remove my shopping cart from your posterior?”

    Now that was a good visual!! Thanks for the laugh Suzanne.

    As for adding us to your blog, please do. And let us know what the URL to your blog is. We’ll add you to the Blogroll here as well.


  16. Suzanne! What a great post! Thank you! And I feel the same way about those grocery store food pushers.. GAWD – just stay away! And so ya know – I once had to have my husband stop the car on a rainy night on a busy freeway so I could get rid of some chicken that had gotten stuck and, I swear, was trying to suffocate me. It happened a lot which was when I started the whole SMALL erasure thing.. but often enough I was still a dumb a$$ and stuff would get stuck again. To this day – 5 years out – I still get cocky and get stuff stuck.. Luckily my grouchy pouchy always managers to reach up and smack me in the face to remind me what a freak I am.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you AND in seeing your BLOG and pictures!

    Freak on!

  17. Hey Star — I kept a pair of pants and a shirt too.. Some days I just feel so umm.. puffy! and so I put on the pants and shirt and as the pants are falling to the ground I see just how far I have come and it makes me smile! And I never got a chance to give clothes to the local thrift shop.. All of my friends kept wanting to get in my pants.. LOL..

  18. Love the site. You girls are just awesome. Looking forward to more episodes.

  19. lyzettesalazar says:

    I just love your videos. I’m very happy to have found you.

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