BariatricTV- Episode 13: Bariatric Russian Roulette!

Posted by on Jan 22, 2009 in Food issues, Long Term, Reviews

In episode 13, we answer some viewers questions on sugar alcohols and dumping, offer up some sensible snack ideas, and introduce you to a hungry girl.

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Show Notes Episode 13


  • T2Nashville asks us about sugar alcohols.
  • Miss Sunny84 wants an explanation on dumping.
  • We play Bariatric Russian Roulette.
  • Our favorite Bariatric friendly snacks.
  • We introduce you to a hungry-girl.
  • Great bariatric friendly recipes found online and in a cookbook.


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5 Responses to “BariatricTV- Episode 13: Bariatric Russian Roulette!”

  1. Another great episode guys. :)

  2. Kellybmomof3 says:

    My week starts on Friday! Great snack tips!

  3. kristopia says:

    Great episode, ladies! :)

    I’ve been a fan of Hungry Girl for quite some time. You can also sign up on their site for an e-mail newsletter that will bring their recipe trade-offs and a lot more great info straight to your e-mail box every day.

    I’m so glad I found you and this site!

  4. T2Nashville says:

    OK, I’m like a kid – my name got mentioned on TV! WOOHOO! Thanks, guys. Great episode. Over to the forum to post my favorite snacks! P.S. Big Mickey – it was your idea for the CCCPBTV, right? Very cute!

  5. Yep, it was my idea. However it ended up being the catalyst for making me feel old. While showing the episode to Danielle, my 19 year old daughter, she looked at me and said “What is CCCP?” It was an interesting moment where I realized that my kids have no idea what it was like to live in a time when the Soviet Union existed. It also made me realize that it’s been a while since the iron curtain came down, and that means I’m getting OLD!

    Oh well, like I’m fond of telling Toni, “Getting old ain’t for wussies!”

    See ya in the forums!


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