Episode 20 – Feedback in Reverse

Posted by on Mar 12, 2009 in Food issues, Honeymoon Period, Reviews

Episode 20 – Feedback in Reverse

In Episode 20, we get to announce a new sponsor, give some shout outs to some of our most prolific BTV pimps and pimpettes, toss around some protein, and highlight another great weight loss surgery blog and recipe website.

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  • We get to announce a new sponsor…with Bariatric Advantage.
  • Lynnda and Toni “attempt” to send thanks but sometimes, the brain just shuts off.
  • Protein supplements, even after 5 years, we still take them.
  • It really is a lot of protein to try to do with eating alone.
  • Lynnda thinks of omelets when she hears our latest website recommendation.
  • We highlight another great blogger who not only talks about weight loss surgery, but plastic surgery too. She has great recipes.


* Visit our BTV Forum
* www.theworldaccordingtoeggface.com

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11 Responses to “Episode 20 – Feedback in Reverse”

  1. I Love It! Freak on you freaks! I will now take my post bariasstric body to work!

    Have a great day!

  2. Another great episodes. I made the taco bites for superbowl. My non-freak (well non-altered freak) family loved it as well. My son did a double take when Lynnda mentioned her favorite recipe. Now he wants me to make some more! LOL BTW- Are the two of you reading my mind? :)

  3. T2Nashville says:

    Baby, I’m a star! Thank you so much for the shout-out. You guys are like family now (hey Danielle!), and I have found a home here. Thanks for all you’ve done for me!

  4. LOL @ bariasstric!! Great new word! Thanks for another great episode.

  5. Do these pants make my bariasstric look big??? Another great one!

  6. Who you callin’ BARI ASSTRIC? :X

  7. So is that like Bari As*? Absolutely Freakin Wicked Show!
    Love you guys,
    Freaky Nana

  8. Okay I have tried to type this a couple of times…but Toni and Lynnda you two are the best. You inform and enlighten others with you wicked sense of humor related to wls. Please keep it rolling because you two are a breath of fresh air and it is people like you who are so sorely needed in our community. I am honored to know you two when we remember when….and thankful that for what you all do. You both have this wicked sense of humor…and you both shine!!! Like I said keep it rolling because all of us need the both of you!

  9. Hey, I would WUV to see some more WEIGHT LOSS WECIPES!

  10. Y’all rock. I loved this episode. And I’m pleased as punch to be a prolific poster pimping bariatrictv (how’s that for alliteration?)

  11. Thanks for the shout out, and thanks for being here. You guys make my week.

    Now I’ve got to get off my Bariass-tric and get some more sleep in. My trip was wicked awesome, but I just couldn’t miss you guys this morning while I was awake to take in my morning meds.

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