Episode 26: Am I going Bald?

Posted by on Apr 23, 2009 in Food issues, Honeymoon Period, Reviews

Episode 26: Am I going Bald?

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Are you worried about hair loss after weight loss surgery? We’ll discuss just that in this weeks Dumping Ground. Give you some great tips for eating out in Altered Realities and highlight a great website aimed straight at the lapband community. And of course we’ll introduce you to the newest Freak of the Week!


  • Our Freak of the week is….wtrglady.
  • Am I going bald? We discuss hair loss after weight loss surgery.
  • Fact: Hair loss occurs in at last 1/3 of weight loss surgery patients.
  • Hair loss starts to show at about 3 months and could last until about 6 months.
  • Some patients report that zinc helps with the hair loss.
  • We discuss dining out at restaurants after weight loss surgery.
  • We introduce you to the mother load of info for Bandsters.


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17 Responses to “Episode 26: Am I going Bald?”

  1. Big Mickey says:

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  2. Mike, you have arms growin our your ears. :)

    Great show again – there will be no more eyelash batting! Or deflowering! What kinda freak cult is this?!? Oh wait – I’m in it. *heh*

  3. “Chinese? Never a good idea.”

    oh yeah. Going to a chinese restaurant for my 50th with my best friend of 30+ years. Unfortunately, EVERYONE at the event has dietary restrictions… and Chinese has been the choice of everyone. I suppose I’ll stick to the stir fries, be sure there’s no MSG, and keep away from anything breaded or crispy fried.

    Or maybe I’ll just order roast duck.

  4. weena saunders says:

    congrats to white tiger lady for being the freak of the week! I am wondering has anyone ever used those cards that lynnda mentioned in the video? I got one, but never have as of yet! Great show and wishing everyone a great weekend, I am trying to figure out how to post a video… I am logged in …we’ll see what happens

  5. Hey Weena,

    Let us know what happens when you try. I had an issue last night after recording with my iSight camera where it said I had already posted the same thing. However when I refreshed the page the video was there. Let me know if you experience the same thing.


  6. I can’t seem to do a video response off my Mac… are there only certain cameras/ platforms you can use?

  7. Grasshoper says:

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  8. Grasshoper says:

    I realized my error, I logged in to wordpress instead of the regular log in and was able to do it. I must be registered twice :) oops…but it’s all good… I forgot I used grasshoper(mispelled) lol… okay it worked !!

  9. This could potentially happen to you if you don’t get all your vitamins!!

    [kaltura-widget wid="9kdgw135dk" size="comments" /]

  10. Whoo Hoooo!!! Wenna you got it to work! The audio was a little low and I had to put my headphones on to hear it. You may want to check your record level on your end.

    Kate – it may be that you need to tell the recorder app to use your iSight camera. To do that right click (or control click) on the recorder window. Then select settings. From there select the camera tab and select the USB Camera, that’s the built in iSight. From there you should be good.

    I am going to do a screen cast tutorial on this sometime this weekend and I’ll post it in the forum. I just need to find the time to do it, I have a busy weekend.


  11. Nuts I tell ya, just nuts! Well, I’m on my way to Florida at this very minute. Oh oh, I forgot to grab the sunscreen for my bald head! I hope Bald is Beautiful, even when it’s lobster baked!

    Thanks guys, you rock!!!!!!!

  12. [kaltura-widget wid="3dr7qawjps" size="comments" /]

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  14. shepkatt says:

    OMG.. Toni, Danielle and BOB are dorks.. No one can hear you guys over Bob.. LOL

  15. wtgrlady says:

    Thanks for choosing me as Freak of the Week. I am excited and honored. :)

  16. T2Nashville says:

    Some of these video responses are going to be as entertaining as the show itself! Great job, guys!

  17. Hey guys and gals, I just refered a friend to this site, to episode 26,”Am I going bald”, and after watching it now, I see it has nothing on hair loss after surgery! It starts the show with talking about the foamies. Um..might want to change the title? Wish I could find the show on hair loss for her..thanks!

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