Episode 48: Little Miss Snackity Snack

Posted by on Oct 1, 2009 in Food issues, Long Term, Recipes

On this weeks episode of your favorite weight loss surgery video show, we take a look at late night snacking, Talk about some ways to boost your self esteem. And learn you how to make a low carb chicken quesadilla.


  • This weeks “Freak of the Week” is….. Debbie.
  • Debbie has lost 190lbs since her surgery and she is the S#@&!
  • Late night snacking is bad for you.
  • Study shows that if you eat out of your normal schedule, you can gain weight.
  • After years of obesity, our self esteem takes a beating so we offer up some solutions.
  • Public Speaking…speak at your support groups. Helps you as you help others.
  • Taking some risks can also help with your self esteem.
  • Believe that you are a success. Get rid of feelings that you took the easy way out.
  • We offer up a low carb chicken quesadilla with a twist.
  • The secret ingredient is feta cheese.
  • Don’t forget our Pimp BTV contest.
  • BONUS: Did you catch us this week on The Band Banter Talk Show


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7 Responses to “Episode 48: Little Miss Snackity Snack”

  1. T2Nashville says:

    Hey Toni – you didn’t share the little marshmallow trick from your “lessons.” Hmmm….

    And I have a GREAT new idea for a BTV episode – BTV: THE MUSICAL! Get to writing those songs, Mike!

  2. Bhaaaa!! Won’t do any good to write them. Toni won’t sing!!! You all should harass her about that! I want Toni singing on a show!


  3. YourWLBuddy says:

    Thanks for the recipe, I love feta cheese since the surgery. Do you have any examples of low carb BBQ sauce? All the ones I see have high sugar content.

  4. YourWLSbuddy…

    Try Natures Hollow…you can pick it up at BariatricEating.com


  5. chickie_mama says:

    great show guys!

  6. Chris-BeyondTheSea7 says:

    Can you post the last two shows on the Bariatric Advantage Store page??? That’s the only place I can view them! Help!!!

  7. Hey Chris,

    I just sent you an email and a forum PM regarding this.


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