Episode 58: Ever Feel Like Goldilocks?

Posted by on Dec 10, 2009 in Food issues, Honeymoon Period, Reviews

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In Episode 58 our Freak of the Week is a long term post op who had surgery in 2002. We share some strategies for making it though the holidays. Talk a little about your constantly changing palate. And then wrap things up with a new website that carries loads of food products for freaks.


  • This weeks Freak of the Week is ctosti.
  • Sarah had a Roux-En-Y on October 9th, 2002.
  • It’s the holidays, are you all stressed out!?!?!
  • The holidays bring plenty of opportunities to screw up your post weight loss surgery program
  • Here’s a few strategies to keep you from gaining weight during the holidays.
  • The “Ho Ho Hold it you’re done, calorie expense account.”
  • Trim back on all the trimmings to shave off some calories.
  • The Snuggie Clutch!
  • Be a Food Snob. Especially since you only get to eat a little
  • The “Feliz Navi Don’t Skip a Friggin Meal!”
  • I’m Dreaming of Something Besides Food.
  • Feeling like Goldilocks when it comes to your post weight loss surgery palate?
  • What was just right today, is too cold or too hot tomorrow.
  • Just keep trying things. Sooner or later it will work itself out.
  • We review some goodies from the folks at BariatricFoodProducts.com
  • They offer 8 categories of over 100 bariatric friendly products.
  • Their cheddar chips are great for a crunch craving.
  • We taste test some of their goods.


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4 Responses to “Episode 58: Ever Feel Like Goldilocks?”

  1. YourWLBuddy says:

    Thanks for the suggested website. I’ll go check them out. Many times I can’t find a place that will ship items to Alaska. I guess the cost of sending things by dog sled is too high. Just Kidding…..
    Debbie, Your Weight Loss Buddy

  2. Fun episode this week, gals and guy ;)

  3. Debbie – Have you tried bariatriceating.com? I know they ship to Alaska and all of their stuff is awesome!

  4. kristi-bisti says:

    What a great time for this topic on Goldilocks! I am only 3.5 weeks out, but whenever I sit down to eat, it just seems that nothing goes down right. Thanks for telling me to just be patient and everything will work out!


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