Episode 62: The Green Eyes of Jealousy

Posted by on Jan 14, 2010 in Food issues, Honeymoon Period, Pre-Op, Psychological Issues

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In Episode 62 we start things off with something about support groups. Without some type of support your shot at success goes down. Next we’ll take a look at the green eyed jealousy monster. Are you dealing with it from friends or family? And then we’ll wrap things up with a few healthy snack choices to get you through the winter months.


  • We need your non scale victories for the “I Freakin Did It” segment
  • Your NSV can be something simple that you can do post weight loss
  • Send us a picture or a link to a youtube video.
  • Are you going to your post weight loss surgery support group?
  • Support groups are essential to your long term success
  • Your support group can help you with information you need to know.
  • Your support group can help you with staying motivated to keep the weight off.
  • The trend in online support groups is being niche.
  • Are you dealing with friends or family that are jealous of your weight loss?
  • Don’t fall into the “People Pleaser” trap and be apologetic about your weight loss success.
  • A few healthy snack ideas for winter
  • For starters try some protein hot coco.
  • Try popping a jello sugar free pudding cup in the microwave.
  • How about a warm cinnamon caramel apple snack?
  • How about a mini pizza!
  • A simple quesadilla is always good.
  • And there is always a warm cup of soup. It’s easy peasy!


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6 Responses to “Episode 62: The Green Eyes of Jealousy”

  1. baka (Ian) says:

    I’m not too sure the wife would be too pleased with this one if I did it……..:P
    “Try pooping a jello sugar free pudding cup in the microwave.”

  2. Lol!! Oh the joy of a good typo. I believe that should read “popping” not “pooping”


  3. This show was excellent in information, and hilarious! Thank all of you for your wonderful senses of humor!

  4. Love all those great winter snack ideas. And, once I can eat solid foods, I’ll try them! Though, not all at once!

  5. futuresveltemom says:

    Love this episode and love the snack suggestions.

    Nice green eyes.. :P

  6. I fixed the typo.. no more pooping in the microwave please! :-)

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