Episode 97: Bossy Pouch!

Posted by on Nov 4, 2010 in Food issues, Long Term, Reviews, Weightloss Surgery Videos

In this week’s episode of BariatricTV we start things off with two Drop Zone Freaks in the happiest place on earth. We then ask the question “Is your pouch the boss of everyone?” In Altered Realities we take a look at how your outlook on your surgery can change as you move farther out. And then we wrap things up with a website that’s all about bringing a party to your pouch!


  • The Drop Zone segment features Ron and Paula
  • Does your pouch, band or sleeve make all the rules in the house?
  • Asking your loved ones to change their lifestyle because you had weight loss surgery isn’t fair.
  • Sooner or later you will have to face a world full of temptation.
  • You need to learn that you control your cravings, they don’t control you.
  • A few years after your weight loss surgery you’ll be amazed at how your perspectives change.
  • Newbies can sometime chastise old timers for not appreciating their weight loss.
  • Old Timers can sometimes be brutal to newbies by insisting they have “No clue what they are talking bout!” .
  • Having weight loss surgery is difficult, let’s support each other!
  • A quick review of 2 bariatric friendly web sites in one


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3 Responses to “Episode 97: Bossy Pouch!”

  1. baka (Ian) says:

    Awesome stuff!

    Time for a Freaky Group (((((HUG)))))


  2. T2Nashville says:

    Congrats to my dear Kentucky friends, Ron and Paula. I’ve missed you on the forum!

    Toni – love the blonde highlights in your hair, and thanks for singing again – it always thrills me. LOL!

    Oh, man! Another recipe website? My Friday is now blown! :)

  3. Y’all rocked it again – as always!! I so appreciate the advice and insight of long time post-ops and the things you share with us newbies. Weight gain and being stupid about my diet is my biggest fear and I know that the honeymoon phase won’t last forever. I am so glad you talk about it to keep me mindful and to prepare for down the road a bit.

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