Episode 120: Justify, Justify, Justify

Posted by on Apr 13, 2011 in Food issues, Honeymoon Period, Psychological Issues, Recipes

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In this week’s episode of BariatricTV we have a Drop Zone Freak who is always poised. In the Dumping Ground segment we discuss dealing with contradictions between what your doctor is telling you, and what you’re hearing from other post ops. Then, in Altered Reality, we take a look at how justifying things you eat can lead to a lot of extra pounds. Finally, we wrap things up in the Freak On segment with a tasty bariatric friendly dessert recipe.


  • The Drop Zone segment features Beth Baker or as she’s known on the forums, Trimoon.
  • What do you do when the information you are getting from your doctor contradicts what other freaks are saying?
  • First and foremost you should do what your doctor is telling you.
  • Questioning your doctor after weight loss surgery is not out of the question, though
  • If you have concerns gather all the information you can and then present it to your doctor.
  • You’re responsible for your health so don’t be afraid to question your doctor.
  • Are you justifying what you’re eating after weight loss surgery?
  • By doing this you can justify yourself into a lot of extra calories.
  • Toni whips up a tasty bariatric friendly dessert!


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7 Responses to “Episode 120: Justify, Justify, Justify”

  1. Your nuts got soft.

  2. Another great show! Congrats Beth and thanks for keeping things funky fresh on Monday night chat. True dat! Word…LOL

  3. WOOHOO!! thanks for making me the drop zone freak!

  4. T2Nashville says:

    Thanks for another great episode and a great recipe for me to try this weekend. YUM!

    Had dinner with Ian (baka) last night, and one of our topics was the fact that you guys saved our lives. Seriously – saved our lives! We love you!

  5. Jabba2Halle says:

    As a freak still wet behind the ears, the contradictions piece was very timely. I’ll have a passel of questions for my doctor at our next appointment. Thanks guys!

  6. LOVE this! Own it if you do it! I add cream to my tea and coffee. Should I? Probably not. But I realize this, and do it anyway as I watch everything else so carefully and just can’t drink it black.

  7. Tammy Bahmanziari says:

    This episode really hit home with me. I let too much fat sneak into my diet. Thanks for all you do!!

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