Episode 127: Weight Loss Surgery Friendly 4th of July Dessert

Posted by on Jun 30, 2011 in Food issues, Honeymoon Period, Recipes

In this week’s episode of BariatricTV we have a Drop Zone Freak who kicked diabetes right out the door! In the Dumping Ground segment we talk about how your local chain restaurant menus will be changing for the better. Then, in Altered Reality, we take a look at things you can do to help impart your new healthy lifestyle onto your kids. Finally, we wrap things up in the Freak On segment with a tasty red white and blue dessert that’s perfect for your 4th of July backyard barbecue!


  • The Drop Zone segment features Jolynn from Wisconsin.
  • When it comes to ordering at your favorite chain restaurant things just got a little easier.
  • By the end of the year chain restaurants with more than 20 locations will have to post calorie counts for all items on their menu.
  • A nice side effect of this is that restaurants are re-engineering their menu to get the calorie counts down
  • iHOP’s basic bacon and egg breakfast is 1100 calories, but they now also have an option using turkey bacon and egg whites that weighs in at 350 calories.
  • Studies show that people will make modest changes to what they order at a restaurant when faced with calorie counts.
  • Now that you’ve had surgery and are living a healthier lifestyle it may be time to look at your kids.
  • We offer up some reasons why childhood obesity has more than tripled since the 1980′s
  • We give you some tips, from Dr. Jeanne Montal who is a pediatrician in our hometown of San Diego, on helping your kids avoid obesity.
  • We offer up a colorful 4th of July dessert that we borrowed from Eggface and added a BTV twist to.


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6 Responses to “Episode 127: Weight Loss Surgery Friendly 4th of July Dessert”

  1. I’m so glad you mentioned the kids. I feel like I’m fighting a loosing battle on the blogsphere over this very topic. We’ve already learned that we have to change our views about food and exercise in order to gain health (or remain healthy) so why on EARTH would we ever NOT teach our kids those same healthy behaviors?

  2. Honored to have one of my recipes included in this week’s episode. Thanks for the shout out! Loved the outfits!

  3. I stopped and chatted with a DR at ASMBS who did a study on post WLS parents/children. She basically said, “Well, it doesn’t help.”

    We are proof.

  4. You HAVE to do more. Much, much more than surgery.

  5. shepkatt says:

    MM.. Totally agree that it takes more than surgery.. but heck.. one step in the right direction is better than doing nothing at all, I guess..

  6. I thought that’s what we said. You have to change your kids lifestyle as well.

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