Episode 134: Bariatric Friendly Ice Cream

Posted by on Aug 19, 2011 in Food issues, Long Term, Reviews

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In this week’s episode of BariatricTV we have a Drop Zone Freak who had a dream. In the Dumping Ground we look at exercise after weight loss surgery. A new study says just 15 minutes a day can add 3 years to your life. In the Altered Reality segment we chew the fat on fats, good fats, bad fats and even evil trans fats. And we wrap things up in the Freak On segment with a review of a great protein ice cream from Arctic Zero.


  • The Drop Zone segment features Amanda Mathews aka mandajo on the forums.
  • A new study shows that 15 minutes of daily exercise can add 3 years to your life.
  • When starting an exercise routine start out slow.
  • When going to the gym don’t try to compete with others.
  • Don’t start you exercise routine until your doctor has cleared you for it.
  • Early out from weight loos surgery you energy level may be low, this is normal.
  • Tim to discuss fats after weight loss surgery.
  • We share an article by Dr. Jacqueline Jacques regarding fats in your diet after weight loss surgery.
  • Fats provide energy and contribute to the health of your brain and joints.
  • We explain saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and hydrogenated fats.
  • Then there is the evil trasfat.
  • We do a review of a product suggested to us my Ian aka Baka.
  • Ian suggested we give Arctic Zero a try.
  • Arctic Zero in a very tasty protein ice cream


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6 Responses to “Episode 134: Bariatric Friendly Ice Cream”

  1. OK… I’ve been lurking, but I have to unlurk to say THANKS FOR THE TIP ON ARCTIC ZERO! I’ve been craving icecream, only it does horrible stuff to me. I’ve found one manufacturer of a low sugar icecream product (ok, it’s a fudge bar) that I can tolerate, but I crave variety in my frozen treats. I’m delighted to say that Sunflower Market carries this product, and I’ll be heading down there to get me some as soon as I get a check in!

  2. That’s awesome Kate. This stuff sat pretty well in my little pouch so I’m thrilled with it.

  3. baka (Ian) says:

    Who’s on first?

    Glad you liked Arctic Zero!!

  4. Wait a sec.. I have a neck!

    Also, on the fats thing… should be worth noting, there isn’t really any fat that is entirely one type of fat.. they’re all a mix of mono and poly to varying degrees.

  5. I tried the arctic ice chocolate peanut butter. I wasn’t wowed. I will have to try another flavor. Thanks for bringing all these products for us to try.

  6. Sure wish they had the Arctic Zero in my area. There is a store about 50 miles from here that carries it. Might have to have hubby go on a road trip with me! ;) Prices are a little high to order them from Amazon for my budget.

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