Episode 146: Award Winning Weight Loss Surgery Recipe

Posted by on Nov 10, 2011 in Food issues, Recipes

Episode 146: Award Winning Weight Loss Surgery Recipe

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In this weeks episode of BariatricTV we have a a Doc That Rocks – who’s a cardiologist? In the Dumping Ground we have a special BTV announcement. We discuss some tips on how to deal with the upcoming holiday season. Then we wrap things up with a 2011 WLS Award Winner – a recipe from Waning Woman.


  • Our Doc Who Rocks this week is Dr. Peter McCullough, submitted by Aunt B.
  • And our BTV announcement is…we are taking a little break to bring you a new and improved show and website
  • You can help us out and win some BTV bucks
  • Need help getting through the holidays?
  • Gift yourself with exercise.
  • Utilize portion control
  • Experiment with low sugar low carb recipes
  • And a recipe from Waning Woman that won a 2011 WLS Award from Diva Taunia


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10 Responses to “Episode 146: Award Winning Weight Loss Surgery Recipe”

  1. T2Nashville says:

    I’m off to put my thinking cap on for new show ideas. But #1 – better lighting for Toni Towe! LOL!

  2. Hey Tammy,

    You will be happy to know that we just upgraded our camera to one that will help out a lot when it comes to the lighting on Toni, well Toni and Lynnda both actually. If you look at last weeks show you’ll see what I mean. We demoed the camera for that show and ordered it soon after. It arrived yesterday and I am busy figuring out all the little idiosyncrasies of it. But suffice to say, we all love the look of it.

    Now go take a look at last weeks episode and tell me what you think of the look.


  3. Aloha this is the very 1st video Ive seen so i’m not to familiar with the past shows but i think its awesome, and for a new idea, i was thinking a 1 minute exercise ,toning for our bat wings tips that’s easy and fun, or maybe a fashion tip, as we lose weight some of us may be clueless how to update our wardrobe tastefully!

  4. Big Mickey says:

    Excellent Ideas!! Keep’em coming folks!


  5. Another great show! More info about plastic surgery would be great!

  6. Thanks so much for featuring my recipe. I was completely floored when I found out today. Thank you ladies so FREAKING MUCH!!!

  7. I would love to see what motivates people. How do all of the oldies but goodies maintain the weight loss. What helps keep you moving. One of my scariest thoughts is putting it back on.

    This weeks motivated person is and this is how they do it….
    This weeks secret to keepin it off is….

    just a thought

  8. OOOH Kiki.. I love it.. a new segment idea! YES! :-)

  9. Christine Hayes says:

    I’ve just discovered the show and have found Toni and Lynnda to be warm and charming hosts, as I learn more about bariatric surgery. I haven’t had it yet, but am starting my round of pre-surgery appts. with a nurse, dietician, social worker, etc. The shows are very funny and informative.

    My only comment for your revamped show coming after December would be to reduce the amount of times that Mike shouts comments off camera. I know he means well and he is usually funny, but it can also be annoying. Your very first episodes did not have the feature and I find them more enjoyable to watch. Just a comment, not intended as a criticism…..thanks – keep up the inspiring work!

  10. Karmen Bevins says:

    I love the show you guys have created. I think the only things could suggest would be a Move yo Ass segment – highlight some of the things folks can do aside from just hit the gym…Walk from Obesity, dancing, C25k, etc…and the second suggestion would be to have some more video special guests – It was fun to see Patrina, and Danielle, and of course the gang in vegas!

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