Episode 151: Weight Loss Surgery, From Soup to Nuts

Posted by on Feb 3, 2012 in Food issues, Pre-Op, Reviews

Episode 151: Weight Loss Surgery, From Soup to Nuts

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In this weeks episode of BariatricTV we start things off with an amazing Drop Zone Freak who has one powerful sentence. After that we bring you another brand new segment for 2012. In Soup to Nuts we’ll be covering the various stages of weight loss surgery. This time we take a look at the preop stage with a suggestion or two on where to do some research.

This weeks Quick Tip is a way to help you judge proper food proportions after weight loss surgery. Then we move into Altered Reality where we take a look at one of the best lean proteins you can sink your teeth into… it’s fish! And we wrap thing up with a review of the multiple calcium options from Building Blocks Vitamins.


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