Episode 157: Weight Loss Surgery Trip Around The World

Posted by on Mar 15, 2012 in Featured, Food issues, Reviews, Weightloss Surgery Videos

Episode 157: Weight Loss Surgery Trip Around The World

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In this weeks episode of BariatricTV, we start it off with a Drop Zone Freak that says there’s more to life than just breathing in and out. After that we talk a bit about Sarah Halbrook’s recent appearance on the TLC Network show The Real Skinny.

Next it’s time for BTV’s weight loss surgery trip around the world. In this segment we take a look at some of the healthier eating habits that abound in other countries. By adopting some of these habits you may find it easier to lose, and maintain, your weight.

And finally we finish things up with a review of a new protein bar from the folks at Supreme Protein, or and Toni named them in a previous episode “Super Me!”


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3 Responses to “Episode 157: Weight Loss Surgery Trip Around The World”

  1. Thanks so much for doing these shows…I look forward to them every week. I am 5 weeks out from RNY and doing great. Down 16 inches and 30lbs. Not a problem at all, because I listened to my doctors. Who are fabulous. I have gained so much information from you and just yesterday shared with the staff at the doctor office your site so they could pass it on to other “Freaks” The nurse called me last night to tell me she thinks you guys are hilarious and the information you give is right on the money. She thanked me for sharing you…and said she would adding your website to their list of Great Places for information. The doctor loved that you have humor to a subject that is often scary for some newbies….So thanks again guys….YOU ROCK!!!!!

  2. Kim – Congrats on your progress so far.. 30lbs in 5 weeks is fantastic!

    Thanks for sharing us with your docs office.. We love it when doctors offices like us! :-) ~lynnda

  3. SUPER SHOW!! I now have have a new favorite! I loved the segments about routing emotions from “The Real Skinny” for good and the Trip Around the World! Both were super informative and contain some insightful information that I can apply today!

    Thank you BTV!!!!

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