Episode 158: Snacking After Weight Loss Surgery

Posted by on Apr 26, 2012 in Exercise, Featured, Food issues

Episode 158: Snacking After Weight Loss Surgery

In this weeks episode of BariatricTV, we start it off with an amazing banded inspiration. Then we give you some of the low down on the upcoming WLSFA Meet and Greet. You are going aren’t you?

Next we follow things up with a look at snacking, are you doing it the right way? And a Quick Tip on asthma after weight loss surgery. You may find as you loose weight you can breath easier.

And we wrap up the show with a few tips on getting over that stall, when it comes to your exercise routine you may need to pick up the pace!


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8 Responses to “Episode 158: Snacking After Weight Loss Surgery”

  1. So glad to see you guys back! I missed the shows! :)

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh………finally I got me a BTV fix! lol Welcome back! Another fine episode! WTG kids!

  3. You said, “a breast!”

  4. You all ROCK!!! Thank you so much for the very kind words and always supporting my journey. Looking forward to seeing your sexy and bling in Vegas. And to the viewer who said such nice things about me and my journey THANK YOU!!! My heart swells.

  5. T2Nashville says:

    DANIELLE! So good to see your skinny self on camera again!

    PLETHOWA? I now have Elmer Fudd in my head. :)

  6. Yet another great episode of BTV. Welcome back guys, I missed you!

  7. my name is rosie and i had a bpd in 1983, Dr husted thinks i’m the last surviver of that particular surgery. does anyone have the bpd with out the ds, and i far as snacking you said it sister.

  8. bariatric. Tv. Com

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