Patrinas Journey Episode 8: It’s Been a Tough Week

Posted by on Jun 16, 2010 in Honeymoon Period

In episode Patrina is 6 weeks out from her RNY and it’s been a tough week.


  • Patrina is 6 weeks out from her weight loss surgery and she’s having trouble getting food in.
  • Even though she is chewing like crazy she keeps getting the foamies.
  • Patrina’s doctor says that around 6 weeks out from her gastric bypass is when there will be the biggest build up of scar tissue.
  • Patrina deals with feeling deprived of food.
  • Not everything will go week, and that’s the point of these vlogs.
  • Patrina wonders why she wasn’t 1000lbs when she considers what she used to eat.
  • What is Patrina thankful for at the 6 week mark?


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7 Responses to “Patrinas Journey Episode 8: It’s Been a Tough Week”

  1. baka (Ian) says:

    Excellent video Patrina – I love your honesty!

    With my program they kept us away from solid foods for 8 weeks to let it heal properly.

    Also, if you have the foamies I find it easier on the pouch if you don’t try any dense/solid food for 1-2 days after as you irritate everything with the up-chucking.


  2. Patrina says:

    Oh my I look so sad! I hope this doesn’t scare people just starting out.

  3. Great advice Ian! That was the same thing my plan had for us.

    Patrina I agree with Ian about your honesty in this! Thank you for sharing it, it brings back memories for the ones of us who have been there and helps prepare the ones who are going to be there. Try doing pureed foods (baby food consistency) for a while till you get past this part of the healing. I bet you will find that works much better for you. I was probably a few months out before I could handle anything like chicken. You are right though, it will get better and this is a time of learning your pouch and what you can and can not do with it. IT WILL GET BETTER!!!!!
    I am so proud of you for your attitude too!!!!! Love how you are finding things to be thankful for right now too!!!! Keep up the Great Work!!!!

    Hugs Kim

  4. I think you may have a stricture. Not that I’m a doctor but sure sounds like it.

    Sweetie…the first few months…hard, hard, hard. I yacked a lot too. It did get better.

    6 years out…..maybe once every couple of months I’ll eat something, get it stuck and remember that I had surgery. LOL.

  5. I do love your videos. You are brave and funny and doing such a service for anyone wanting the realities of this surgery. From 6-12 weeks I suffered. Nothing wanted to go down, stay down, and I cried. I was expecting it, but still cried. I knew I had made the right decisions, but it is HARD durning this time. Foamies were a daily problem. I was told the pouch was ‘waking up’ as they called it at my hospital. At 12 weeks, it got better. Chicken is still a problem with me. Fish/shrimp may always be easier. At 3 years out, I still have the foamies occasionally.

  6. You’re probably already doing this but my advice is to be sure to get protein drinks down, if at all possible. In all honesty, I barely ate at all the first couple of months and i felt weak most of the time. I was losing a pound a day. I don’t think that is the best way to go about it but I couldn’t stand the sight or smell of food.
    Best wishes,

  7. Carol Love says:

    I love our vlogs, as I watched I was thinking you might be eating the meat to soon.I know from friends thats the last thing they were able to eat.It took them months before they could swallow let alone digest meats
    I am 4 months out and I still can’t eat meat or eggs.Right now my foods are soups, nuts,protein shakes rice cakes and peanut butter, crackers.Not much else
    I not really hungry but miss some foods.I know it will get better.But having lost 73 lbs in 3 months and felling younger than I have in 30 years is worth the trade off ( I’m 60)

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