Patrina’s Journey Episode 11: Blue Jeans Baby

Posted by on Sep 13, 2010 in Honeymoon Period

Patrina’s back and looking great! Since her weight loss surgery she’s gotten her arse into a set of jeans! She’s still having a little trouble understanding how much room her body really takes up.


  • Patrina shows off her new jeans.
  • Patrina is having some issues realizing how much room she takes up.
  • She found that she can fit on a booth.
  • She’s buying smaller clothes.
  • The post weight loss surgery diet is getting a little old.
  • Do you have some suggestions for Patrina for meals with a bit more pizzaz?


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8 Responses to “Patrina’s Journey Episode 11: Blue Jeans Baby”

  1. You look GREAT! Wowza! And I am sorry to say that even at almost 7 years out I sometimes still see myself as I was 120lbs ago.. It’s a struggle to get your mind around the new you.. Sometimes I see it.. sometimes I don’t.

  2. Great to see ya chica!!!!

    You look great!!!

  3. Alison Ghany says:

    Patrina, you look amazing. Congratulations!!!

  4. Wow!

    You look awesome


  5. Congratulations on the jeans girl!!!! You look GREAT!!!!! I so know what you mean by feeling like you take up more space than you do. My realization moment was when I was at the Dr’s and needed to go in to get my blood drawn. Well there was an opening that my “old” body would NOT have fit through and I hesitated when I got there because there was a table, a person standing and a person in a wheel chair and I was SURE I would not fit. But the guy said go ahead we are just waiting to sign in. So I went and WOW I FIT!!!! There was TONS of room for me to get through!!!! You wait, it will happen for you too!!! Another moment was in the bathroom at Wal*Mart, the handicap was busy, so I went in the “regular” and when I went to come out, I just OPENED the door and WALKED out!!!! I didn’t have to straddle the stool to get the door open! I stood there outside the door and about cried I was so excited!!!! Hang in there your moment WILL come!!!! You look AWESOME!!!!! Keep up the Great Work!!!! For different protein ideas, you could go to the forum and check out “What Did You Eat” it has helped me with different ideas. I was getting pretty board with what I was eating too.

    Hugs Kim

  6. Patrina – you are one hot sexy mama!! Congrats on the jeans – you are rockin them. So glad to see you doing your videos again. Hope to see less of you more often!! Hugs your way. I still think I won’t fit into spaces or that the table needs to be moved out and then find I do fit and have plenty of room. I don’t know when the magical moment will hit that I’ll know I fit, and if it doesn’t happen that’s okay too, it’s fun to be surprised and remember you’re not the size you used to be.

  7. YourWLBuddy says:

    Hi, I haven’t been able to see the video yet – slow connection for me tonight … so maybe my comments aren’t relavent but…I’ve lost 190 lbs since WLS and can understand your feelings. I saw a plastic surgeon today and asked about spot lipo (I’ve had tum tuck but still have asymmetry issues) and he said “You have very little fat on your stomach so lipo is out.” I have NEVER heard such words from a doctor. One thing that helps me to gain perspective to write down every change no matter how small, such as today.
    One thing that I’ve learned through years of dieting is that if you can’t stand something anymore – stop eating it – even if it still works. I drank protein shakes for breakfast every day for two years and suddenly can’t stand them. I switched to a bagel thin with ff cream cheese and find that I can now keep on program.
    Best wishes,

  8. You look amazing. I still think of my weight starting with a 3 when it has started with a 2 for about 3 months now. i hope one day things click.

    check out for some great protein ideas.

    Been thinking of you and am happy you are doing well.

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