BariatricTV- Episode 7: Wow!

Posted by on Dec 11, 2008 in Honeymoon Period, Long Term, Reviews

On episode 7 , We’ll talk about sponsors, WOW moments, and give props to a great WLS video resource.

Show Notes Episode 7


  • Our promise to you regarding sponsors
  • Our first sponsor, Click!
  • The first few days and weeks after surgery
  • Vitamins and Tums, the only solid food after weight loss surgery
  • How to deal with Ketosis (Bad Breath)
  • Weight loss WOW Moments
  • Oh My Gawd Shoes!
  • Toni’s tattoo
  • The Weight Loss Surgery Channel


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16 Responses to “BariatricTV- Episode 7: Wow!”

  1. I cannot get the episodes to play. They freeze up and the screen turns to a question mark?

  2. Our content provider seems to be having some issue and downloads are sporadic. We are working on it.

  3. Once again…Freakishly Delish! Great job!

  4. WOW MOMENT!!!!! My Wow moment came just the other day, and was actually my “daughters” wow moment… I was walking into the kitchen and she was behind me and she GASP.. I turned around and asked what was wrong and she said “Mom, where is your a** (butt)… LOL, I told her it slid down my thigh!
    Later I went into the bathroom, to the dreaded “full length” mirror, and sure enough, no butt. Completely FLAT!
    She told me yesterday, “I am gonna have to buy you a pair of padded panties”! hahahaha
    Freak on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great job… great attitude and great show!

  6. wow…. I feel like you made this episode just for me!

    Lynnda, I had to laugh about the scuba diving… It’s one of my goals. They can’t put enough weight on me to sink me yet :(

    oh, and I checked out the links… and found a lot of great info (thanks!) I have to say though, I’ll likely be spending a lot more time here than over at There may be a lot to look through over there, but the candor and fun I have over here is just so much more valuable. Oh, and thanks again… just for being here!

  7. Hey Folks/Freaks,

    Thanks again for all the wonderful comments. I’m glad to hear that some of the segments are hitting home with y’all. It’s always been our hope that what we talk about are things that folks can relate to, looks like we’re on target.

    Kate – Thanks for the comment on wlschannel. As stated their format is different and a little more formal than us. But we wanted to make sure folks knew it was there. We think the key is to be informed and educated while on the WLS journey no matter where you get the info. We certainly hope that our format appeals to everyone, but I am certain that’s not the case. You just can make everyone happy. So we talked about it and decided that informing folks about them was the right thing to do.


  8. ibeanniebe says:

    Once again I am delighted with your episode of BTV. Thanks again so much for all the info you give in such a comfortable presentation. I hope to see more sponsors soon. Click isn’t for me though my DH would love it.

  9. You guys are AWESOME! I too think that sharing with each other just makes more for everyone and that’s ALL GOOD!! Craig Thompson (our fearless leader at the is twelve years out and brings a lot to the table. I’m coming up on eight years and we’ve worked hard to bring successful WLS stories to others so they might learn just a bit from those that have traveled the road before. The video format offers SO MUCH more and I’m excited for you guys and “us” guys and everybody that’s fighting the fight against obesity!
    Blessings, Yvonne
    aka Bariatric Girl

  10. You two are great as usual!!! I so enjoy watching the both of you. Lynda you crack me the hell up with all your silliness…love that both you are having fun with this and that you are doing this for our community. Informative of the newbies for sure! Keep them rolling girls!

  11. Thanks for the shout out ladies…. You and your folks are doing an AWESOME job….

    We are amazingly blessed to not only have Yvonne and her train-load of peeps on her talk show, but we also have a new show with the WILD and Craaazy Melting Mama in post production: Melting Mama’s Reality Bites…. Watch out, she calls it like she sees it!

    Keep up the awesome work and remember, “The rising tide lifts ALL ships.” The more we lift each other, the better it is for everyone in the WLS community.


    Craig Thompson

  12. Hi Craig.. Thanks for the kudos.. I so agree with your statement about the need to lift each other. Some folks like to say that the WLSchannel and BTV are competitors – but really – I think we compliment each other.

    We both have our own format that might appeal to everyone or just groups of someones.. Working together to make sure that our community is as informed and knowledgeable about what they have done, and are planning to do, to their bodies is a great way to ensure that we are all as successful as we can possibly be.

    I am not sure about you – but as a preop and a baby post op (and still even today) I check out EVERYTHING I can about this surgery and how best to stay happy and healthy.. The only thing that turns me away from some so called informative sites is nastiness and name calling … So, I for one, would like to thank the WLSchannel for not looking at us as “the competition” but more like a ‘sister station’ working together toward a common goal.

    Hey congrats on being a 12 year post op.. That is fantastic!


  13. Thanks Yvonne and Craig.

    Thank you for the great comments.

    You both are huge inspirations. Being that you are so far out, and successful, we feel you both are a fountain of information for LONG term success.

    There so much information out there for newbies but for those who have passed the honeymoon stage, and struggle to maintain (and lets face it and be honest), it is a struggle, you guys offer positive proof that it can be done.

    I just want to thank you for what you do. There needs to be more of us out there to show patients, and even the rest of the “non” surgically altered freaks, including the media, that YES you can succeed long term.


  14. You guys are just getting better and better. Keep up the good work. I wanted to share my “Wow” moment.

    It use to be BBS (Before Bariatric Surgery) that my husband and I would go somewhere and he would drive the car. If someone else was around when I got into the car, I just layed the seatbelt over my tummy as it would not fit pretending I had buckled up! My husband would drive around the corner, pull over and tackle the seatbelt while I tried to “suck it in” and after much physical assertion, ah finally the seatbelt was latched and we drove home.The first time I could buckle my seatbelt, all by myself… and had room left over and the steering wheel did not touch my tummy! Wow… an unforgettable Wow!
    Freaky Nana

  15. Kum Bah Ya.

  16. You guys are doing a great job!!

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