BariatricTV- Episode 12: New from BTV Labs!

Posted by on Jan 15, 2009 in Honeymoon Period, Long Term, Reviews

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In this episode,  we answer a forum post from Gunnyshunny regarding stalls, introduce you to a new product from BTV Labs and offer up a swell new website for off the shelf vitamins.

Show Notes Episode 12


  • GunnysHunny asks about getting past a stall.
  • Explanation of a stall.
  • Stalls are normal.
  • What can add to a stall.
  • A new method from BTV Labs.
  • Don’t Exercise!
  • Off the shelf vitamins for bariatric patients.


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25 Responses to “BariatricTV- Episode 12: New from BTV Labs!”

  1. I’ve been waiting all week for the new episode… and it was worth the wait! I love ya guys! Now, MovYoAss!

  2. YEAH! It’s 2:30 a.m. in Nashville, and I’m gonna MOV YO ASS! I’m gonna get with Melsreturn and see if we can start a MOV YO ASS Chapter in Nashville. LOL!

    Great show giuys, keepit up and Keep On Freaking!

  3. Oh yeah, I love the newsletter. It was a great addition to this mornings e-mail!

  4. Scott, and for those who already are practicing the “move yo ass” method and have hit a stall, we will start “move mo ass”

  5. OMG…you guys are too funny!!!
    LOVE IT!

  6. Gosh, you guys are sooooo funny. My daughter and I watch every episode together. I am pre-op, just got aproved by insurance. I am learning a lot by watching Bariatric TV.
    Oh yea, we decided a couple of days to take up “Zumba”, guess that would qualify to “Move-yo-ass”!!! We love to dance and combining it with a workout it optimal for us.

    You guys keep doing what your doing, you encourage a lot of people!!!

    ~Heike :)

  7. Hey thanks everyone for ALL of the good feedback! “move MO ass” – Melinda.. that is HILARIOUS! I love it! Be sure to check with us at the forum to let us know what YOU would like to see. We decide on content for many of our episodes based on posts from you guys.. Happy Friday! ~lynnda

  8. Last night, I laughed so hard while sitting on the sofa watching… my boyfriend just stared at me like “what the…?” I loved the part about eating pizza and not losing any weight!!!

  9. Hey Folks ,

    Glad you all enjoyed it. This one was rather fun to produce. It had me laughing for most of the edit.

    Heike – That’s very cool that you and your daughter watch it together. I guess BTV is not only entertaining, it brings families tother :-)


  10. T2Nashville says:

    AHA! Was that Danielle I saw dancing? Now everyone’s been on-screen!

  11. Just for you T2Nashville..Danielle is thrilled to have a fan.

    Danielle’s actually been it it from the beginning. She’s the voice of “Dumping ground”.

    Our boy was in one of the episodes too. Can you “Name that Episode?”

  12. T2Nashville says:

    I saw her name in the credits and wondered, “Why not Danielle?” So nice to meet her! And to know the voice behind “I don’t feel good…” I don’t remember your son! Give, give!!

  13. Hey that was great! I’m pre-op (Tuesday is the big day) and that got me MOV’n my ASS down for a walk to the shop and back. Thanks I needed that!

  14. Move yo ass.

    Okay, okay, tommorrow.

  15. No! not tomorrow…. NOW!!! If I gotta do it you gotta do it. I don’t care if it’s 80 degrees and sunny here and 10 degrees and icy there, you still gotta do it! :-)


  16. jocklynwebb says:

    Hilarious! I’d like to Move My Ass right now but my heat is broken and it’s 10 degrees outside and I’m frozen… waiting for maintenance to come fix it…. I wish they’d move their asses and get here faster.

  17. Ya know jocklynwebb — Movin’ Yo Ass would increase blood floor and warm yo ass up! :-) Good luck.. I hope they get there soon.. I HATE being cold!

  18. And.. um.. I meant BLOOD FLOW!

  19. Kellybmomof3 says:

    FREAKIN’ Awesome! It was so funny that I shared the video with my non-WLS friends. What a great method! Thanks, BTV Labs!!

  20. I love your shows. I now consider myself a bariatrictv junkie! I am currently in a “Stall” and realized I am not drinking all my water. I currently have a water bottle in hand. Thanks!

  21. Hey Kellybmomof3.. YES! Share the Mov Yo Ass (and the recently forum member invented Mov Mo Ass) with all of your friends! :-)

    Wtgrlady! Yeah.. hope picking up the water intake gets you right past that stall.. they are no fun.. they start to bring back all of those past weight lost failure memories we have stuck in our brains. But don’t discourage – it will end and you will start moving on the scale again!

  22. queenmarylady says:

    I love the show and the site! I found you on itunes and am so glad that I did. Now I can’t wait to see your show each week, I am pre-op, going to the dr tomorrow to get my letter of necessity and will need to see a nutritionist I believe, and also get a pyscho assessment? Can you do a show about getting things that your insurance company wants done and what to expect? Thanks, Keep on FREAKIN’!!

  23. Hey Queenmarylady,

    We’re so glad you found your way to our site. I’m not sure how many folks have found us through iTunes but I would guess the numbers are low, so you’re part of a select group :-) .

    Since you did find us on iTunes though can I ask a favor of ya? We’re really working to get featured better in iTunes and viewer reviews should help with that. When ya get a moment would you write a quick review for us there?

    Welcome to the site!!


  24. queenmarylady says:

    Done! ;) Yup I carry the shows around on my ipod touch, have to share the videos with friends and others I meet who are interested in or have had WLS. I guess you can say I am a fan :^D

  25. Why thank you Dear!! And thanks for sharing the show with friends from your iPod touch. We have been kicking around the idea of an audio podcast as well for iPod users. Something with some call in guests, experts in the field etc… You kow, something to listen to on your morning drive. I’m not sure we have enough iPod types here to make it worthwhile though. Maybe I’ll drop something in the forums about it.

    Anyway… thanks again for taking the time to post a review in iTunes. Were getting some movement on the show there and are now a featured podcast in the Alternative Health section!!


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