BariatricTV- Episode 14: Good vs Evil!

Posted by on Jan 29, 2009 in Long Term, Psychological Issues, Recipes, Surgery Types

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In episode 14, we’ll start our weekly highlight of surgery types with Gastric Banding, expose the good and evil that lives in a patient’s head, and make a yummy high protein quiche.


  • We ask for your help in gaining sponsors by filling out our viewer survey.
  • Answering the constant request for a show highlighting the types of bariatric surgeries.
  • It used to be just the Roux-en-y that was getting attention.
  • We take a look at gastric banding.
  • The main choices in banding are The Lapband & The Realize Band.
  • Post your banding question in our Bandsters forum.
  • Good and evil voices in your head.
  • The battle of the maple donut
  • A recipe for a yummy quiche lorraine
  • I’m pinching your head!


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15 Responses to “BariatricTV- Episode 14: Good vs Evil!”

  1. Bridget/QML says:

    LOL!! Another great show you guys!
    “Eat the cookie…you know you want it…LOL”
    I don’t know how long it takes you all to put these shows together, but I’ve gotta tell you, they are top knotch, quality shows. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your lives to put this all together, and Mikey thank you for filming,editing,and all of your background duties. Honestly this is better than most tv shows! I love Thursday nights on BTV! :)

  2. Big Mickey says:

    Hey Bridget,

    Holly smokes girl! I didn’t even have time to finish the show notes and you already had a comment up! Thanks so much for your energy and excitement about the shows!!

    You Rock!


  3. oh no… NOT THE MAPLE DONUT!

    You all ROCK!

  4. Bridget/QML says:

    *looking down sheepishly and shuffling feet* I um…I knew when you guys post roughly, so I had itunes open and it bad to say I was WAITING for the show to be uploaded?
    You guys have me hooked :) Wonder if this is one of those “cross addictions?” lol..
    I don’t have tv at our place so your show is my weekly “tv” show that I never want to miss. Keep up the great work team! :)

  5. Quiche and maple donuts! Sounds like a plan.

  6. As always, I laughed my head off… its funny you mention donuts. My wls email support friends & I were just talking about those… AND a vendor brought valentine Krispy Kremes today… KK so pretty and fun, the more you eat, the more you run! LOL But I stayed strong!

  7. Hey MM.. how about a maple donut quiche? Mmmm… gag! LOL

  8. Good for you Melinda!!!…stay strong!! Remember “Nothing tastes as good as thinner feels!!”

  9. I love the show.

    I spotted some awards behind Toni and was wondering whose they were and what are they for?

    As for Lynnda, I have to say that was the first cooking segment I’ve ever seen the “chef” prepare a meal while sitting! ROFLOL! Gotta Love It!

    I try (not) to do whatever the voices in my head tell me to do! “I can’t believe I ate the whooooole thing!”

  10. Hey Sephia – Yep.. Rachael Ray I am definitely not! If we had a counter we could drag into the studio we would stand for those segments.. but since we don’t – we sit. Still tastes good, though.. As for the awards – they are some that Mike won. Something about Tellys or Emmys or something. I am sure he will chime in here soon! Have a fabulous weekend!

  11. Hey Sephia – Lynnda was spot on, they are Telly awards. There basically awards for excellence in production of non-broadcast video. Although they have recently added a category for local commercial spots.The one you see were won for corporate productions I’ve created. The main reason they’re in our show is that we shoot it in my studio and the case is to much of a pain to move every time.

    Sitting while cooking – Yep, it would be great if we had a big kitchen set to do the cooking segments in. Unfortunately our kitchen is tiny! So we do it in the same setup as the rest of the show. It also keeps it easier and quicker for us to do it. Since we have a limited amount of time to create the shows we try to focus the majority of the time spent on the content of the message. After all that’s why folks are tuning in….I think?

    Thanks for your comments!

  12. Yup, you could cook on a cardboard box and I’d still be watching. :) In fact that’d be kinda interesting, draw an oven onto a box with a sharpie, cut out the oven door, and have a hand pass to the host a dish of whatever you were cooking..LOL..
    Can you tell I did a lot of puppet shows for the neighborhood kids when I was a youngin’ myself? :)

  13. That’s hilarous Bridget! Kinda like a Mr. Rogers Neighborhood of cooking segment. LOL

  14. Well you definitly deserve an award for this little production. It’s very entertaining.

    I understand it’s low budget which makes things even more creative and entertaining to me. I laughed when Lynnda prepared the meal at the desk. I’ve unfortunately done that a time or two. (with 7 kids one tends to get creative in hiding once in a while) Still watching Lynnda cook while sitting down was way more entertaining than listening to Rachael Ray carry on about some life story of hers.

    I love the quirkiness of this show and I just started watching last week.

  15. Well thank you Dear! I actually put the show up for a Telly this year so we’ll see how that goes. I’m considering putting it up for a local Emmy as well since they now have a category for online content.

    As for the low budget, I don’t think budget is the end all. It would be great to have a big budget, nice set, multiple cameras etc… but I think that having a lower budget really makes us focus on the content of the show, which in my book is the important part. And from your comments it sound like we think alike :-)

    Thanks again!


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