Episode 16: Lovey, why am I always cold?

Posted by on Feb 13, 2009 in Long Term, Reviews, Surgery Types

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In Episode 16 we take a look at the Duodenal Switch, discuss why you’re always cold after surgery and review some bariatric nutritional products that showed up on our doorstep.


  • The Duodenal Switch
  • Similarities to the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Patients must follow vitamin and protein regiments
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the DS
  • Feedback from DS patients
  • Always hot before surgery
  • We weren’t fat we were insulated
  • We got a box of goodies from Smart Forme
  • Starter kits, a great way to see if you like their foods
  • It Tastes Like game show


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25 Responses to “Episode 16: Lovey, why am I always cold?”

  1. WOW… well, you’ve sold me on Smart Forme products. The nasty after-taste of some of the products I’ve bought is… well… nasty. And I’ve been wondering why no hot products (cocoa and soups) were available, and everything seemed to just come in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. I was beginning to think of changing my blog name after surgery to “The Neapolitan Lifestyle”.

    This is why I’m excited to be here…

  2. Uh..so you are saying you like those products or you don’t? I got confused there.
    By the way, Wink,take your wife to Aruba for pete’s sake!
    And Mikey, way to rock that fro! LOL!! :D

  3. I think I am in lurve with your game show host. *swoon*

    (Kidding. That is freaking funny stuff right there.)

  4. Bridget, we’re saying the Smart Forme stuff ROCKS!!! And if ya want to find out for yourself, go get one of the starter kits we mentioned on the show.


  5. T2Nashville says:

    You guys definitely missed your calling. You should all be in comedy full-time! Thanks again for another hilarious episode!

  6. Bridget…we absolutely loved the smartforme products!

    And darn skippy…he should take me to ARUBA!!

  7. Great show, y’all – I had to shut my office door and turn it down because I didn’t want to wait til I got home to watch what you were going to do next LOL

  8. This is better than the best comedy on television! Thanks for all the info every week. Luv it! I sure hope Smart Forme (form / for me?)is paying you guys, if not… well they should!
    C-Ya next week!

  9. OMG! You guys are so funny. Thanks for the product review. Have you guys tried that protein drink called Muscle Milk. Just wonderin if its as good as it looks!

  10. Hey Shawna – Thanks.. :-)

    I have tried Muscle Milk and I didn’t like it.. Even if I had liked it – Muscle Milk has too many calories and carbs for the amount of protein you get. I would match rather have an Oh Yeah Vanilla which gives me much more protein and way less carbs/calories and tastes much better.

  11. Hey MM,

    Thanks for the comment. I’ll let Wink know your thoughts about him. BTW how are things with you? Did the tests reveal anything?

  12. Nada. I just had an EEG and wore a funky hat. No seizure activity while in the hospital. (Figures.)

    They swapped my meds and I hope not to seize! ;)


  13. Of course there was no seizure in the hospital. That would make it to easy to figure out what it is!!. Here’s to hoping the new meds work! Just know were pulling for over here in BTV land.


  14. Hey.. where is our trip to Aruba? I watched the show and Lynnda won.. I can’t wait!

    Great show..

  15. Dear Mr. Blotton,

    I am sorry to inform you that we will be unable to deliver the trip to Aruba that your wife has won. It seems that Mr Wendelton and his wife have absconded with the tickets to the afore mentioned trip. We’ve done our best to try and find them but it appears they are gone for good.

    This of course is not the only reason why you will not be getting the trip. After some diligent research on our end we have discovered that you wife, while in our studios, stole Fizzy Lifting Drinks. This is in direct violation of paragraph 7 sub paragraph 1 of the contract she signed with us.

    Thank you for your concern,

    The Management

  16. I have to admit to being somewhat disappointed with the coverage of the DS here on BTV. While I applaud the fact that you gave it airtime in the first place, I must admit to being slightly peevish at the information you provided on the advantages and disadvantages of the DS. When you came to our forum seeking information, I know we told you that the information that OH has on their main page was incorrect and misleading, specifically about diarrhea and flatulence. I’m very disappointed that you perpetuated the dissemination of this misinformation.

  17. Hi Peevish – I didn’t just check OH for info.. I went to many other sites for info and did receive responses from DS patients that said they did – and do – experience diarrhea and flatulence. Since I received responses with feedback that this was a possible side effect of the DS we included it. I know that for RNY patients some folks have it.. some don’t but it does happen and should be noted. I actually think if I had to do it all again I might do the DS – based on the info I got from your forum and from your folks over there. All surgeries have good and bad.. but I think that the DS (possible disadvantages included) might have been a good fit for me.

  18. Mr. Big Mikey.. I can appreciate that my wife Ms. Blotton might have violated the contract that she signed with you but she did return the Everlasting Gobstoppper at the end of the shoot. Therefore I will be awaiting information on when and where we should report for entrance into the flying glass elevator to Aruba.

    Mr. Blotton

  19. Peevish,
    I know plenty of DS-ers who disagree with you, and if they mention it on the DS OH board, they get flamed.

    We all tend to look through “Rose Colored” glasses with regards to our own surgeries.

    That why we hammer home…that it is SO important for each person to do their own research.

    If you noticed…we don’t recommend one surgery over the other. Not our jobs. That’s the job of the patient who has hopefully done a lot more homework then just watching our little podcast.

    That’s why we highlight other pages, website and information out there.


  20. “Looking for a few good DS-ers” – I’m sending out a challenge to those DSer’s viewing our podcast. Log onto the forum and become the champion of your surgery. We need you and other pre-ops need you.

    Only one rule…NO BASHING OTHER SURGERY TYPES!! We believe here at BTV that all surgeries are created equal based on the “PATIENTS” needs and preferences.

  21. I am also “peeved” about the DS coverage. Hurray for covering it at all, but BOO for listing only 2 positives with more negatives. I guess statistics don’t count toward positives (higher avg EWL, better long term maintenance, best type 2 diabetes resolution rate as well as higher resolution rates for almost all other comorbidities, etc.)? Able to drink with a straw, able to drink with meals, able to take NSAIDs…I feel like the benefits were glossed over to focus on the oh-so-evil malabsorption.

  22. Hey CokeZero – We are not here to try to sway anyone for or against any one type of surgery. Did you watch Episode 15 which highlighted the VSG? We noted the upsides and the downsides of that surgery as well and I believe we covered more downsides then up there too. We don’t pretend to be experts .. we are just offering an overview for each type of surgery. Our input from Elizabeth and Gary DID note great several upsides as to why they chose the DS and it did include Garys experience re: diabetes.. We would love to have some DSrs as a part of our community to educate our forum members who are still doing their research as to which type of surgery would work best for them.

    Instead of being ‘peeved’ that the info you felt we should have included was not in our DS episode, why not post about your personal experiences with the DS on our forum in the DS section?

  23. Ummm.. that was supposed to say “Elizabeth and Gary did note several great upsides..”…

  24. Hi Toni and Mike, great game show. You were made for the role Mike. I believe more game shows are appropiate given the game show host is easily accessible and seems to have a knack for the role he’s assumed.
    Of course, working out the prizes would have to be worked a bit more. It’s my understanding the trip to Aruba wasn’t all it was cracked up to be for the game show winner and her husband.

  25. And by Toni and Mike he means me too! Hi Honey! Love you! Let’s go to Aruba! We need to get John to guest star on an episode. :-)

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