Episode 24: Fun with Foamies

Posted by on Apr 9, 2009 in Honeymoon Period, Long Term, Psychological Issues, Recipes

Episode 24: Fun with Foamies

In Episode 24 we explain what causes the foamies after weight loss surgery, take a look at body image and cook up a muffin in a minute.


  • So we finally answer the question “What are the foamies?”
  • Foamies happen if you take too big of a bite or over fill your stomach.
  • In other words…..Spit happens.
  • One of the biggest altered realities is how we view ourselves after surgery.
  • We talk about body image or how we view ourselves.
  • Extreme cases of missed perceptions are called Body Dysmorphia Disorder.
  • One solution that can help with this is “Dress for Success”.
  • Smaller versions of your “Fat Clothes” do nothing for you and your perception.
  • We finally introduce you to the muffin in a minute…if we can say it.
  • Lynnda shows you how to make one.  It’s so easy!


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9 Responses to “Episode 24: Fun with Foamies”

  1. For goodness sake! Give Toni a muffin!

  2. You guys get funnier every time. Thanks for covering something serious and making me laugh too. Very funny!!! AWESOME JOB!!!

  3. Patti55444 says:

    Oh my gosh! I laughed till I cried when Toni was try to say muffin! Thanks for doing this every week, so funny and so informative. Super job well done guys :)

  4. Hey Patti, thanks for the comment. Glad to hear you got a good laugh out of the show. We do our best to add some humor into the mix, but sometimes the most fun things just happen, like the muffin segment.

    We do however like to sabotage each other with well written tongue twisters thrown into a script. Just wait for the next episode, that I am editing now, and you’ll see what I mean :-)


  5. Linda Eaves says:

    That was very funny. “Soul Patch”. And I enjoyed seeing the muffin in a minute demo. Thanks for brightening my day.

  6. denise_kc says:

    you guys are AWESOME!!!!!! can’t wait to see the next one!

  7. oooh… I’m having some fun with foamies right now!

  8. or should that be “ewwww” instead of “oooh”?

  9. I bet they look nothing like Toni’s Soul Patch Foamies.. :-) Sorry you are feeling all frothy, Kate! It does go away but it DOES leave an impression

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