Episode 25: Minuscule Post Mastication Pouch

Posted by on Apr 16, 2009 in Long Term

Episode 25: Minuscule Post Mastication Pouch

In Episode 25 of your favorite weight loss surgery videocast we’ll announce a new sponsor, introduce a new Freak of the Week, get the last question answered from Smart Forme, give you some tips on dealing with concerned waiters and ask you for some recommendations.


  • We announce our newest sponsor…Celebrate Vitamins
  • Our Freak of the week is….Adorablelady72.
  • Why is she the freak of the week? She’s Canadian…eh!
  • QueenMarylady asks Gene about yummy-ness and Quality Control.
  • Gene says their criteria for releasing a product isĀ  small serving size, highest protein, taste and convenience.
  • In altered reality, we discuss the huge amount of leftovers on you plate when dining out.
  • You say it…Minuscule Post Mastication Pouch!!
  • Lynnda and Toni are a few years out…so help them out with NEW product recommendations.


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8 Responses to “Episode 25: Minuscule Post Mastication Pouch”

  1. weena saunders says:

    I loved this episodes :) I love the accent :) out becomes oot… lol… and the drum roll, and the outfit,was hilarious.. haha… our snow should be gone by May lol…Just wanted to say that this really made me laugh, and my friends and family :)

  2. T2Nashville says:

    Hey Toni – that plastic surgery you had done after WLS – woohoo! Girl, your surgeon gave you some excellent cleavage. HA! (And a quick shout-out to Pebbles! You did a great job!)

  3. Congrats to Adorablelady72 for being freak of the week! Awesome episode as always….ditto on the cleavage…and Pebbles…(is there another puppy?) Ditto on the drum roll, uniform, hat and accent. Great zoom camera guy! All of you are awesome!!! I just can’t figure out which is harder to say. Miniscule Post Mastication Pouch or let your freak flag fly….hmmmm. I’ll practice both and get back to ya.

  4. weena saunders says:

    oh and congrats on your newest sponsor!! Look forward to hearing more about them.

  5. Linda Eaves says:

    NICE TOUK!!!
    Yay for the “Minuscule Post Mastication Pouch” or (MPMP)
    I want to name mine probably Greta or something.

  6. Apparently your friendly scriptwriters just LOVE to make you do tongue-twisting phrases, Toni and Lynnda :) Great episode, as always. As a pre-op, I’m so glad to have found these podcasts AND the bariatrictv forum – I feel much more armed with information, and much “luckier” than those who didn’t have all of these sources and products to help them when they got their surgeries.

  7. I have to take credit for this weeks tongue twister. It’s sort of become a bit of a running joke over here. I believe it all started with the script where Lynnda had to recite a bunch of medical terminology. Since then it’s been all down hill :-)

    And since we all write for the show, everyone gets a turn at creating a good tongue twister.

  8. QueenMaryLady says:

    LOL loved this week’s show..Wow Toni!Work it if you got it! ;) Thanks to Gene for such a thorough answer to my questions, he rocks! (okay and he’s cute too).. LOL was laughing at the mastication on the couch comment. OMG! LOL!

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