Episode 36: Hungry in the Head

Posted by on Jul 2, 2009 in Honeymoon Period, Long Term, Psychological Issues, Reviews

Episode 36: Hungry in the Head

In Episode 36, we have another new freak of the week, we discuss how to recognize and avoid head hunger, and we talk about some of the odd things after surgery that make you go Hmmmm…and finally we look at a BTV viewer’s website for surgically altered “Dude” freaks.


  • This weeks “Freak of the Week” is Mo Mik.
  • She is a pre-operative freak that can probably write her own book.
  • Do you know what head hunger is?
  • We talk about timing, emotions and feelings that could lead to head hunger.
  • Learning how to soothe yourself without food is key to success.
  • We discuss other “freakiness” that goes on after weight loss surgery like feet shrinking? Growing taller?
  • And we highlight a BTV viewers new blog for guys.


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7 Responses to “Episode 36: Hungry in the Head”

  1. Congrats Mo-Mik for being freak of the week! So glad you guys made it back safe. Most excellent job guys!!

  2. You guys always know what I need to hear. I think my pouch is broken about once a week! Sometimes I eat a lot, sometimes not so much. But I never need a trough…Yeah!
    What was the other thing? Oh yeah. The feet have gone down a size. Go figure.
    Have lost 83 lbs so far and people are stopping me in the halls asking what I’m doing. Am up front with the WLS story.
    I will be stopping in at the FFD site to check it out.
    Thanks for another wonderful podcast.

  3. wait… you ate a twinkie AND a scoop of ice cream? I guess I thought that would be pretty risky!

    What a sacrifice for the show!

    I’ve had to retry lots of food because my taste has been changed so much. What I discovered today: I still hate salmon.

    As for other freakiness, it seems I take turns. First the weight goes down and I don’t seem to get any smaller, then I get smaller and the weight seems to stay the same.

    Freaky, right?

  4. ah… the purple bucket.

    That answers one question.

  5. Yes.. There was NO WAY I really ate that stuff. Pure theatrics people. It all ended up in the bucket.. LOL

  6. cripes, it’s Wednesday and I’m just seeing this now?

    Thanks for the shout out!

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