Episode 44- Need Some Motivation?

Posted by on Sep 3, 2009 in Long Term, Plastic Surgery, Reviews

Episode 44- Need Some Motivation?

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In episode 44 of your favorite weight loss surgery show we send out a shout for more freaks! We take a look at the total body lift in our ongoing series on reconstructive surgery. If you need a few things to motivate you to move yo ass, we gottem. And we wrap things up with a great iPod and iPhone app to help you track your caloric intake and exercise.


  • This weeks “Freak of the Week” is…Hey…we need more freaks of the week!
  • We know you guys are watching, send in your photos and why you are a freak.
  • How about a reconstructive surgery cocktail? We are looking at body lifts.
  • Upper and lower body lifts are a combination of surgeries. Combined, you have a full body lift.
  • Recovery time from Body Lifts can be significant.
  • We offer up some advice on how to get motivated to move yo ass.
  • Suggestions range from journaling your reasons, enlisting a friend, to actually rewarding yourself financially for exercising.
  • We introduce you to a new apple app called “Lose it”.
  • A mobile calorie/exercise application similar to the daily plate
  • It’s free for the first six months of it release so go for it now.


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7 Responses to “Episode 44- Need Some Motivation?”

  1. LOL….picturing Lynnda flying around in her nun habit!
    You guys friggin’ ROCK!

  2. Hey, what if I got a cute pink habit to keep me in the habit? Yeah, that’s it! (by the way, any angry retorts for this comment can still go to mike@bariatrictv.com)

  3. I’ll take the blame… but not the responsibility! :-)


  4. Well, I think you [b]should[/b] do a whole episode in an English accent – that’d make the show more accessible to the world as EVERYONE speaks freaking English….Don’cha know :D :P ;)

  5. Right love, I think that idea is the dogs bollocks. We sit the birds in front of the camera and have them do the full montey in a bleeding English accent. After that we take a tenner to the pub for a couple pints, get good and pissed and Bob’s your uncle!

    The only thing that will Throw a spanner in the works is that even though these two totty’s I’m putting on the telly are a bit dishy, there English accents are quite dodgey. No doubt they’ll make the dogs dinner out of the whole thing!

    Cheers mate!


  6. Absolutely fabulous! I love the blurb about “send angry comments to…” :-D

  7. Lol, but yours “sounds” absolutely spiffing, Mike.
    So, talented. I was I talked English like you do……lol

    Great show as always :)

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