Episode 50: Phooey On Those Freakin Plateaus

Posted by on Oct 15, 2009 in Honeymoon Period, Long Term, Reviews

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In Episode 50 we take a look at post weight loss surgery plugged ears. Talk about some of the ways to deal with freakin plateaus. Introduce you to a protein drink you can Believe in. And wrap it up with an answer to the question, will Toni ever sing on the show?


  • This weeks “Freak of the Week” is….. JoyceV.
  • Joyce had an RNY in May of 2008 and has lost 161 lbs!
  • Are you having problems with clogged ears after weight loss surgery?
  • Your weight loss could be causing issue with your eustation tubes
  • It could be your blood vessels are swelling and restricting your eustation tubes.
  • We’re not really sure why these ear issues happen, but they do.
  • Are you in a weight loss plateau that just wont budge.
  • Plateaus are something everyone experiences.
  • A plateau is your body taking a deep breath before loosing again.
  • A plateau is an indicator that you may need to mix things up a bit.
  • Try new and different exercises.
  • Try new and different foods.
  • Remember that you control the plateau.
  • A new protein drink called Believe.
  • You can get Believe at www.BariatricEating.com
  • Each Believe protein drink has 20 grams of protein.
  • The name of Toni’s new band.


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6 Responses to “Episode 50: Phooey On Those Freakin Plateaus”

  1. Phooey. (Got a spelling error up there.) That’s all.

  2. Interesting info on the ear thing. I thought I was the only one! I am on my second ear infection this year! I even had to have a tube put in one ear. I could not figure out why I was getting kid problems at 53 years old. And the stuffiness in the ear bothers me all the time. Now I know!

  3. Big Mickey says:

    Well Woma, you sorta know. We ain’t saying this is why because we ain’t docs. This is just some of the stuff that popped up when we researched it. It’ll be interesting to see though how many others have experienced it.


  4. Big Mickey says:

    Phooey on bad spelling!!! It’s fixed.


  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new player, works faster and pic is clearer!

    Also love seeing you all have so much fun!


  6. Thanks Deb, we’re diggin the new player too! We’ll except for having to convert all the media to a new format! That’s gonna take awhile.


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