Episode 60: I Freakin Did It!!!

Posted by on Dec 25, 2009 in Honeymoon Period, Long Term, Psychological Issues, Recipes

In Episode 60 our Freak of the Week is JaviC. We introduce a brand new segment here on BTV. Take a look at your fear of the gym. And share a recipe for a traditional Italian dish made in a Crock Pot!


  • This weeks Freak of the Week is JaviC
  • He had a Roux-En-Y on March 3rd, 2009.
  • We introduce a new segment to BariatricTV.
  • We want to hear about your NSV’s (Non Scale Victories).
  • T2 Nashville sent us some pics of when she went Bungee Jumping.
  • Our new segment is called I Freakin Did It!
  • Send us your pics of your NSV.
  • Post your NSV videos on YouTube and email us the link.
  • With the new year you can find some great bargains on gym memberships.
  • Why does the gym have to be so intimidating?
  • You’ll find that most members are actually helpful and nice.
  • Talk to the gym staff and see if they’ll set up an orientation for you.
  • Look into hiring one of the gyms personal trainers.
  • A weight loss surgery friendly lasagna recipe that you can cook in your Crock  Pot.


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9 Responses to “Episode 60: I Freakin Did It!!!”

  1. For the cooking segment.. If you don’t know how to brown ground beef and sausage…. toss both into a skillet and cook. I add a handful of Italian seasoning and garlic (powder, fresh, salt, freeze dried, etc) to the meat while it is browning up. Then I scoop it out of the pan with a slotted spoon to leave the grease in the pan and out of the lasagna.. Easy Peasy.. :-)

  2. Another superb episode!

    I’ll be trying that recipe for sure :)

  3. As an I-talian from Jersey, I am curious to try my lasagna recipe in the crock pot now. Not sure if you get that nice browned look on the cheese on top of it, though. Thanks for the idea!

  4. It doesn’t get the browned on the top when you make it…but…being a good I-Talian, we all know that Lasagna taste even better the second day after you reheat it in the oven…and that’s when you can get the brown crunchie topping. LOL.

  5. Reheat it? Dang girl.. I like it cold the next day for breakfast.. :-) Mmmmmm

  6. T2Nashville says:

    Hey guys – I’m just getting to watch the episode today, and I must say – seeing myself bounce around on the screen was the highlight of my holiday. What a great idea for a new segment! I can’t wait to post when I complete the 1/2 marathon in April! Love you guys, and happy holidays! (Mike the Gym Guy was also VERY entertaining, and the recipe looks awesome!)

  7. LMAO @ Mike the Gym Teacher. BWAHAHAHAHAHAA! Yo Mikey, step in front of the camera more often! ;)

    Can’t wait for the new segment – looks like lots of fun. Great episode guys – looking forward to trying the lasagna. Happy New Year!


  8. MIKE!! Hilarious. Fat asses to the glass.
    Thank you Lynnda (checks spelling) and Toni for the crock pot lasagna idea. That’s what my New Year’s Eve guests are getting tonight. Tammy I loved seeing you do the swingin’ very cool. Congrats JaviC!!

    I really liked this show.
    (I still hate the gym)


  9. Ms Harley B says:

    Hello everyone, I’m a newbie, and have just had my RYN surgery, December 28, 2009. I’ve been looking for an online support group, and came across this portion of the site. I have to say I love BTV! You ladies are hilarious, I could have totally seen myself havin a couple of cocktails and shootin the breeze with you ladies, pre surgery of course! Anyway, Just wanted to say that you have a loyal fan and am looking forward to watching you in the future.

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