Episode 65: Glazed Donut With a Jack and Coke Chaser

Posted by on Feb 4, 2010 in Honeymoon Period, Long Term, Psychological Issues, Reviews

In Episode 65 we have a snowboarding “I Freakin Did It!” A viewer says we’re not “Bariatricly Correct” and they’re right! We take a look at why you’re hungry even after weight loss surgery, And we review a site that all about… well… reviews!


  • This weeks it’s a snowboarding “I Freakin Did It”.
  • Someone on the forums recently mention that we’re not Bariatricly Correct.
  • The advice we give is what works for us, and what we’ve heard from long term postops.
  • Remember that you have to do what works for you.
  • If you’re in the 18 months though, follow the rules.
  • But remember that some things are non negotiable like protein, water, vitamins, exercise and support.
  • If you’re a few months to a year out from your weight loss surgery you may find you’re hungry and wanting to snack.
  • Take a look at why you’re eating, is it emotional?
  • Could be that you are actually hungry. Are you eating enough, are you taking your vitamins?.
  • For Lynnda eating something spicy helps.
  • For Toni drinking something can help.
  • We do a review of a review website.
  • The site is run by Melsreturn, T2Nashville and a guy named Steve


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6 Responses to “Episode 65: Glazed Donut With a Jack and Coke Chaser”

  1. Wait! You guys understood that I was SUPPORTING your bariatric incorrectness, right…? I mean, I get so sick of the carbo-nazis (on other boards) and the bariatric good two-shoes (you freakin’ know who you are) who pass judgment on me because — GASP! — I use powdered peanut butter in my shakes.

    Anyway, if my original post sounded like I was wagging my finger disapprovingly…I wasn’t :-( I’m your biggest fan PRECISELY because you aren’t afraid to say “BOO.”)


    But…thanks for the…er…um…shout at…uh, out?

  2. Hey Cari…we really did know you were being supportive.

    No worries honey. We just thought you brought up a great subject and we used it. This show is really directed by our members.


  3. Cari – We totally knew where you were coming from and we resembled those remarks.. No worries.. Nothing but love from us to you! :-)

  4. Big Mickey says:

    Cari – You know it’s funny you mention this as it went through my head, during the edit, that we might not have been clear enough on that. It was one of those things where on the shoot we all knew where it was coming from so it was fine. In edit though I started to worry.

    Have no fear though Dear. We aren’t all that Bariatricly correct and we know it. Heck it’s probably hurt us when it comes from getting sponsors from the medical field. But on the other hand I think we’re totally honest about things because that’s who we are.

    So in short we certainly weren’t upset at you saying so.


  5. Thank GOD! I’d hate to be accused of treason…or mutiny..or — sedition! I’m a brat, but I think you somehow managed to out-sass me on this episode. [Sticks tongue out while making extremely wet raspberry sound.]

    I’d BETTER get picked first for that next game of kickball, or I’m telling on you…

  6. T2Nashville says:

    Been out of town and just got to see the new ep today. Thanks, guys, for recognizing Melinda’s site. We have some great new products coming up to review, so I hope others will come on over and check us out. (It’s really Melinda’s site – Steve and I just ride her coattails!) Love you guys, and can’t wait to see you in just 2 more weeks!!

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