Episode 69: The Return of Coffee Talk

Posted by on Mar 11, 2010 in Long Term, Psychological Issues, Reviews

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In Episode 69 our “I Freakin Did It” did a 5K.  Did you know we have an online support group chat? We need a little help from you to keep it going. We talk a little about whether you feel attractive after your weight loss. And we wrap things up with the return of Coffee Talk, and a review of a great new product.


  • This weeks “I Freakin Did It” is Devilwmn. She ran a freakin 5K!
  • By viewer request we recently started an online support group in our chat room.
  • We need some feedback from you on what you want to see in this support group chat.
  • We’ve created a section called “Online Chat Support Group” in the forum for your feedback
  • We also need to name this chat group so why not a contest, the winning name gets some free goods!
  • Do you feel less attractive after losing weight?
  • The weight loss can be so dramatic that you become hyper aware of the physical effects.
  • We have some helpful suggestions to help you feel attractive.
  • Who are you comparing yourself to?
  • Those that are closest to you can affect your feelings the most.
  • You may need to have a conversation with your partner about their comments.
  • Coffee Talk returns.
  • The Coffee Talk gals do a review of the new Bariatric Advantage ProJoes.


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5 Responses to “Episode 69: The Return of Coffee Talk”

  1. Oh My GAWD! I just LOVE Cawfee Talk! LOL You girls are a riot! LOL Big F bomb out of Toni! LOL

  2. “Whaddya think I’m the Bank of America?? Buy you’re own damn crack!”


  3. You guys ever watch Meet the Robinsons? After we shot this, I realized I looked just like the science teacher. Joan Cusack’s character? I love her.

  4. OMGAWD Dawter & Dawgs! Great Show Ladies but next time I want to see Mike in a Linda Richmond Wig and nails!
    The Holy Roman Empia is neitha Holy Nor Roman Discuss!!

  5. YourWLBuddy says:

    Your episode called to me this week. I am at the point of getting consults for “reconstructive postop surgery.” I live in Alaska and there is one plastic surgeon in town who specializes in it so I am also pursuing “outside” doctors. Anywho, one told me to take pictures and email them to him (I know that sounds weird but he’s legit). After I looked at the pictures – the first naked oned I’ve taken after 185lb loss – I realize that I look like a shrunken troll. I used to wear a 44DDD bra but now I’m a 34 Long. I’m getting rug burns on my tatas….

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