Episode 73: Toni Takes Over!

Posted by on Apr 8, 2010 in Long Term

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With Mike being sick and Lynnda moving, Toni decided to hijack the show. So this one is all her, folks she conceived it, she shot it, she edited it, basically she did it all! Toni starts off with our “I Freakin Did It” and this week it’s a long time viewer from the UK. Next, Toni introduces a new program we want to start that pairs up post surgical forum members with those just starting their journey. We are also starting some new shows and the first is a cooking show with long time viewer Rob aka McNee. Toni then introduces you to a new non profit organization created by YouTuber Antonia Take Two. Lastly Toni talks about our newest show to hit the web. We’ll be following a viewers journey starting with the moment her surgery is approved.


  • This weeks “I Freakin Did It” is greebo115 she simply rode a bike!
  • We’re starting a program to pair up post ops with those just starting their journey.
  • If you have a name for this program email it our way.
  • We have a new show starring Rob aka McNee
  • YouTuber Antonia Take Two has started a new WLS Non Profit
  • Our other new show will follow the journey of a new preop. We’ll start with her surgery approval.


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5 Responses to “Episode 73: Toni Takes Over!”

  1. baka (Ian) says:

    Nice work Toni!

    Patrina rocks….. I’m so excited to see her journey


    Great job Toni! I especially like the spycam! What a BOOTY!

  3. Darlene says:

    Awesome job! Love the spycam!! Did you kill the person that set it up?

  4. T2Nashville says:

    All right, Toni! Way to go, girl! I’m so impressed with your skills – and your dancing!

    Green is your color, by the way…

  5. Jennifer Newberry aka mewithin says:

    Loved it! What I love about this place is that you guys let us into your personal lives and make learning fun. It takes special people to do that. Toni loved that dance!

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