Episode 93: Bariatric Book Review

Posted by on Sep 30, 2010 in Long Term, Reviews

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On this week’s show our Drop Zone feature is all about ing’ing. We review a book written by a gastric bypass patient that’s 30 years out from surgery. Have a look at the best way you can give back to the weight loss surgery community. And wrap things up with a review of a B-12 supplement that’s a blast of minty goodness!

NOTE: Please note that we made a mistake on one of the links mentioned in the video. The site for Andrew’s book is www.andrewLEONleclair.com Our apologies to Andrew for making this mistake.


  • The Drop Zone segment features Debbie or yourWLbuddy
  • We do a quick review of “One Foot on Front of the Other, A Man’s Journey Away From Obesity”
  • This book is a very inspiring story about a mans battle with his weight early on in life.
  • If you’re looking for a book specifically about weight loss surgery, and post op life, this is not that book.
  • On one of our Monday chats we discussed how you can give back to the weight loss surgery community.
  • The best way you can give back is to be a successful patient.
  • We do a review of Building Blocks Vitamins B-12 spray.


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8 Responses to “Episode 93: Bariatric Book Review”

  1. baka (Ian) says:

    Nice job Freaks!

    Like the shirts :)

    Is it just me or was the background music a little louder this week?


  2. Big Mickey says:

    It may have been. Was it to much?


  3. As always – LOVED the show. Y’all make me crack up when you get tongue tied. I really liked SPEW – never heard that one!!

  4. Jen Hauss says:

    great video. can you get all 6 sprays at once or do you need to space them out over the day? Also a spell check for you: barnes and noble not barnes and nobel. Sorry! I used to be a teacher. Old habits die hard

  5. I didn’t even catch that one, Jen.. thanks!

  6. Big Mickey says:

    Thanks Jen! This show was a bit of a spell check nightmare. Between you and me, I think this will be the 4th or 5th version I will be uploading to the server!

    As for your question on the B12 spray. It was explained to us by the folks at Building Blocks that the dosage was 3 sprays 2 times a day.

    Thanks again!


  7. Jen,

    To confirm, we suggest you break up the 6 doses over the day. We here found in the office that two doses of three sprays in each serving has made for a good method to not have too many doses but to give your body time to absorb the B-12.

    Have a great day!

    Building Blocks Vitamins

  8. Jen Hauss says:

    thanks for the info! have my 1st dr. consult on the 11th but just trying to get all the info i can to make this process a success! would you all recommend trying supplements beforehand or should i wait b/c i have heard that your taste change after surgery?


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