Episode 112: Dispelling Some DS Myths

Posted by on Feb 17, 2011 in Long Term, Recipes, Surgery Types

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In this week’s episode of BariatricTV we feature our first Best Drop Zone Freak. In the Dumping Ground we talk about dealing with bounce back weight gain. Then in Altered Reality we dispel some myths regarding the Duodenal Switch. And we wrap things up in the Freak On segment with a killer recipe for weight loss surgery friendly deep dish pizza.


  • The Drop Zone segment features Dennis Best.
  • What is bounce back after bariatric surgery?
  • Most people who have had weight loss surgery get down to their lowest weight then gain back a bit.
  • 5, 10 or even 15 pounds may be normal, but it you continue to gain you need to look at your habits.
  • Thanks to MariaC we’ve had an influx of Duodenal Switch patients in our forums.
  • We’ve learned a bit from them about the myths around this bariatric surgery.
  • When doing your research on weight loss surgery don’t forget to have a look at the Duodenal Switch.
  • The DS is the most malabsorbtive of the big 4 surgery types so you need to commit to the lifestyle change
  • If you’re interested in this surgery find someone with a DS to talk to.
  • We whip up a weight loss surgery friendly deep dish pizza!


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10 Responses to “Episode 112: Dispelling Some DS Myths”

  1. Well, you two did it again! A great show. I am wondering though, where can I find that pizza recipe so I can get it written down correctly instead of stopping and restarting the show! And are they any more that you girls have put on past shows? I have just started watching and am hooked! I signed up for your link in my email.
    Keep up the great work ladies and behind the scene people !

  2. T2Nashville says:

    Missy – check out the Food and Stuff section for all of the recipes recommended (and some not recommended) by our freaks. Some great ideas there!

    I have personally made this deep dish quiche recipe twice, and this is now my preferred crust for everything savory. It really works! Thank you, David Schronce, and the other lady who posted it first at Before & After!

  3. I’m wanting to try a white pizza. diced chicken, dice ham, LF Alfredo sauce, mushrooms and cheese.

  4. baka (Ian) says:

    Superb episode!

  5. WELL DONE ….

    You 3 are AWESOME!


  6. Excellent episode – as always. I made the pizza last night for my hubby’s birthday. We both loved it and lord it smelled so good while baking!! He wants to have it again – and he will, it’s called leftovers, haha.

  7. Awesome episode! Hooray for DS freaks too. Haha. =) You folks did a great job.

    That pizza looks amazing too. I think my non-WLS family will enjoy it also.

  8. Trust me Mandi, the normal stomach folks in the family will dig this one! I speak from experience.

  9. The only two surgery choices given to me were band and rny. I would have had DS if I thoght I could but I am happy with my results. I’m fighting to stay under 140 (size 4) and think I will need to accept that mid 140s is probably more realistic. It’s kind of strange because when I was over 300 my surgeon said a goal of 200 would be a realistic one.

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