Episode 128: Sex After Weight Loss Surgery, Sell it Baby!

Posted by on Jul 7, 2011 in Honeymoon Period, Long Term, Reviews

In this week’s episode of BariatricTV we have a Drop Zone Freak who’s living life to the fullest extent. In the Dumping Ground we wrap up our OAC membership drive contest and award the Keurig Gourmet Coffee System. Then, in Altered Reality, we talk about sex after weight loss surgery… Maybe you’re just not selling it! Finally, we wrap things up in the Freak On segment with a review of a web site that’s great for any lap band patient.


  • The Drop Zone segment features Lisa.
  • It time to end our OAC membership drive and award the contest winner.
  • The winner is Gwen G. from California
  • When you’re being intimate with your partner are you selling it – or not?
  • Are you pointing out all the flaws that have been left behind by your weight loss surgery?
  • When someone gives you a compliment don’t point out your flaws.
  • Do you overlook a physical flaw with someone you’re with?
  • We do a review of BandedLiving.com


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7 Responses to “Episode 128: Sex After Weight Loss Surgery, Sell it Baby!”

  1. Massively surprised that there’s no double entendres comments after we post a video talking about sex. Where’s my peeps today. So there’s a challenge for you. :-)

  2. shepkatt says:

    I’m just soooo happy that I made it through filming.. Food poisioning sucks! You guys are soooo lucky I left when I did.. :-)

  3. Patrina says:

    LOL Loved the show! So frank. As for selling it…Dave calls me “His personal porn star!” Flapping skin and all! LMAO

  4. Burnett says:

    I usually don’t have a problem “selling it”…Until the cops show up and chase me off the street corner! Damn it!!!

    OMG…Don’t cross swords?…Really? LMAO!

  5. Patrina says:

    LOL I thought about that too! Wouldn’t “crossing swords” imply 2 guys involoved? Talk about selling it!

  6. shepkatt says:

    Well yeah.. but that was because I messed up the line and was talking about multiple partners.. so could be two girls/guy.. could be two guys/girls.. all girls.. all guys. but if there are two guys – they shouldn’t cross swords.. Who knows what I was thinking at the time.. LOL

  7. DH laughed soooo much @ Don’t cross swords. Too funny.

    Seriously though, glad you did a show on that topic. It gave me good insight. Thanks.

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