Episode 137: Post Weight Loss Surgery Expectations

Posted by on Sep 9, 2011 in Honeymoon Period, Long Term, Reviews

In this week’s episode of BariatricTV we have have a new Doc Who Rocks! It’s Dr. Sina Matin from Baylor Healthcare System in Grapevine Texas. Dr. Matin was submitted by Michelle who had plenty of great things to say about the good doc. In the Dumping Ground we take a look at managing expectations after weight loss surgery. In Altered Reality we look at the phenomenon of people disappearing from the community after losing weight. And we wrap things up in the Freak On segment with a review of some tasty oils and balsamic vinegars from a local source.


  • The Docs Who Rock Segment features Dr. Sina Matin.
  • When it comes to success after weight loss surgery part of it is managing your expectations.
  • Keep in mind that everyone is different and will lose weight at different rates.
  • Have a goal of losing a couple pounds a week, just like other weight loss programs.
  • Understand that your skin most likely won’t snap back. You may be left with some saggy skin, prepare for that.
  • Always expect the unexpected after weight loss surgery
  • You can’t compare yourself to others, we are all different.
  • After losing the weight many people lose touch with their support network.
  • For some that’s fine, but for many, losing that support could lead to regain.
  • If you haven’t been around in a while hop back into the forums and let us know what you’re up to.
  • If you have gained some weight back don’t be afraid to reengage with your support network, it’s there to help you.
  • We do a quick review of Coronado Taste of Oils.
  • Coronado Taste of Oils is a local San Diego store that sells speciality flavored oils, balsamic vinegars, pastas and other good stuff.


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5 Responses to “Episode 137: Post Weight Loss Surgery Expectations”

  1. T2Nashville says:

    Toni – thanks for the Jeff Dunham reference. My favorite comedian of all time!

    Mike – did you watch the Rescue Me series finale this week? Lou had “Inna Gadda Da Vida” played by bagpipes at his funeral. Hilarious! But not if you didn’t watch the series, I guess.

    I ordered from Salt Farm, and so glad I did! Headed off to Taste of Oils site now.

    P.S. Lynnda – you looked hot in this episode! Great tan and outfit!

  2. Jabba2Halle says:

    You’ll never know how much I needed this episode. You guys rock!

  3. Crasylady52 says:

    I have been having a hard time wanting to stay watching Bariatric tv because of your language. Years ago I used that kind of language but then I got saved and started living my life to bring glory to God and someone gave me a little card saying,”You will have to give an account for every idle word that comes out of your mouth.” It shows how much intelligence you have because you have to think before you speak. Where using curse words it shows no effort is used on your part. Now I know you’re adults and people with children don’t need to hear that stuff because again they will say what they hear! So I hope you guys don’t get mad but you asked why people stop watching BTV!

    I do love your show and being disabled and having no way to go to support group right now I depend on your show for my support. So I hope you understand!

  4. Hi Crasylady52.. This topic comes up from time to time and Mike, Toni and I have discussed it.. Each time we come to the conclusion that when doing these shows we are not trying to be anyone other than ourselves and sometimes being ourselves comes with a bit of ‘colorful’ language. We hope that our viewers can accept us for the people that we are and understand that our messages (though sometimes wrapped in a bit of baudy-ness) are still good ones. We hope that you can stick around and be part of the community but we understand if our brand of humor is not a right fit for you. If you do decide to leave us we hope that you get your support somewhere as there are lots of support forums out there. You just need to find the one that works best for you.


  5. Crazylady,

    Sorry you find us offensive. We’ve been doing the show for 3 years and have recieved in overwelming numbers, postive feed back.

    Everytime this comes up, we do discuss it and then decide that we like what we do, we like who we are, and I’m sorry, we aren’t going to change that.

    The good news is there are plenty of other “support” sites out there that I’m sure cater to you and your beliefs. If you would like, we would be glad to research it for you and give suggestions.



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