Episode 155: Sneezing and Hiccuping After Weight Loss Surgery

Posted by on Mar 2, 2012 in Exercise, Featured, Long Term, Psychological Issues

Episode 155: Sneezing and Hiccuping After Weight Loss Surgery

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In this weeks episode of BariatricTV, we start things off with a Drop Zone Freak that I bet ya know. And we get to tell ya that she just reached goal!

After that we we slide into Altered Reality where we take a look at numbers. You might be putting a little bit to much emphasis on numbers after weight loss surgery. Then we head into the Dumping Ground where we take a look at the age old question of, to tell or not to tell?, about your weight loss surgery.

In the Quick Tip segment Toni gives you a tip about a way to move yo ass that’s inexpensive and fun. And we wrap things up in Soup to Nuts with a look at why many of you find yourself sneezing or hiccuping after weight loss surgery.


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6 Responses to “Episode 155: Sneezing and Hiccuping After Weight Loss Surgery”

  1. T2Nashville says:

    Beautiful scarf, Toni Towe – and I noticed you re-filmed your intro. Nice!

  2. :-) Thanks Tammy. I like it better. The green screen stuff it kinda weird to do. :-)

  3. To tell or not to tell? I tell everyone… especially my obese friends. Do I ever get negative judgement? Sure, sometimes. But I realize that my WLS WORKED, and they’re still switching between fad diets and haven’t lost a pound. I figure what I USED to do (and they’re still doing) is the very definition of insanity: the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  4. Kira Pipkin says:

    To TELL? I TELL EVERYONE! I even have a blog justmekp.wordpress.com
    I have the mentality that I don’t care what people think, b/c in the end it was my decision and my decision has worked for me. I have lost 86 pounds in 5 MONTHS! And I went from 44% body fat to 26%! I feel blessed and if I never lose another pound I am proud of my progress and happier than I have ever been. But in all that spill, I always make sure I educate people as well. Because I find a lot of times people don’t have the correct information or assume. ;)

  5. Hey! Hey, was that a shot?

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  1. ~11 weeks post ops and my first vomit « Loser Mama - [...] So my question to you — do you have a “tell” when you are full?  hiccups or sneezing?  Loved ...

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