Episode 28: Toga, Toga, Toga!

Posted by on May 7, 2009 in Honeymoon Period, Pre-Op, Reviews, Surgery Types

Episode 28: Toga, Toga, Toga!

On this weeks episode, How about a preop FOW? Ever heard of the Toga Procedure? When and how do you tell folks you’re having surgery?And a look, and taste, of the new Bariatric Advantage Chocolate Calcium Chews.


  • Our Freak of the week is….Paula…cause she has the shirt.
  • We never heard of the Toga system so we decided to take a look.
  • It’s a promising new restrictive weight loss surgery…with no surgical incisions
  • It’s performed endoscopically….through the mouth.
  • We talk about our own experience telling people we were going to have weight loss surgery.
  • Who, what and when you tell others about your surgery…should totally be up to you.
  • We do a  product review of the new Bariatric Advantage Calcium Chews!
  • Stay tuned and watch Lynnda catch one in her mouth.


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7 Responses to “Episode 28: Toga, Toga, Toga!”

  1. Congrats Paula for this week’s Freak of the Week!!

    Thanks for the shout out and yep, I shouted it from the roof tops and continue to today. In a way it sort of made me accountable too. Fortunately mine was so long ago that when I first had surgery no one knew enough to gripe at me much. It didn’t matter though because it certainly wasn’t up for discussion! Great episode guys!!!
    hugs and kisses, Yvonne

  2. shepkatt says:

    Hey Yvonne.. Not only did we shout out to ya but we used your Freak Flag Fly tongue twister.. Though Toni seems to have it down.. Must have just been me! :-)

  3. Heather says:

    That is Me, HeatherFeather79. Wow I can’t believe you said my name on here. LOL. My page is http://www.obesityhelp.com/member/heatherfeather/
    Check it out if you want. I have lost 45 pounds as of today, 6/3/09. This is awesome.

  4. Thanks for your post and great video. I really enjoyed learning about your product.

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