Episode 30: Perfectly Perky Peaks

Posted by on May 21, 2009 in Long Term, Plastic Surgery, Pre-Op, Recipes

Episode 30: Perfectly Perky Peaks

On this weeks episode, our FOW needs some love, we talk about the post surgery breasteses, and life after weight loss surgery ain’t for wussies! Then we cook up a batch of yummy cottage cheese pancakes!


  • This weeks “Freak of the Week” needs some loving – Sephia
  • She’s having a hard time…and has 7 kids…Wow oh Wow.
  • This ones for the ladies….your breasts after weight loss surgery
  • Your breasts are fatty tissue, and you are trying to lose the fat.
  • A proper fitting bra can do wonders for your self esteem.
  • Do you think all your problems will be solved after weight loss surgery?
  • Surgery only works on your stomach, not on your head.
  • While losing the weight, you may want to concentrate on what is REALLY causing your problems.
  • Lynnda cooks us up some cottage cheese pancakes.


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21 Responses to “Episode 30: Perfectly Perky Peaks”

  1. I’m really kinda torn about the whole section on how everything isn’t going to be better after surgery. Sure, I know EVERYTHING isn’t going to be better, but as someone who’s wanted to dive, let me tell you, FAT FLOATS. Even snorkeling is difficult because I bob around the top of the water like some giant jiggly buoy. And I can’t find a wetsuit in my size… or couldn’t when I weighed as much as I did.

    If some things don’t get better… those things having to do with PHYSICAL limitations… then it really doesn’t make sense to go through with the surgery. Sure, being able to scuba dive, salsa dance, or sit in a restaurant booth isn’t going to make life all sunshine and roses, but I have to say that not being UNABLE to do them does seem to cheer one up a bit.

    Honestly, I think some people become comfortable using their fat as a way to avoid life… something to blame all their misery on. As if being fat isn’t miserable enough. But I also think that when people make the choice to have WLS they’ve already started making positive changes and taking control. Taking back control of your life, accepting the responsibility for that control… that seems to me to be the first step in real happiness… So long as it continues beyond the mere act of having surgery.

    oh, and those cheesy pancakes look MARVELOUS! I can’t wait to try them!

  2. I totally agree, Kate. The point we were trying to get across is that surgery and losing weight will not fix ALL of lifes issues.. Sure – it will make some of them better and the ones that are only due to size/weight – of course those will be ‘cured’.. but I have seen folks who think that relationships will get better once they lose weight.. that their job will improve, that their depression will go away, etc.. but in most cases those things don’t magically get better when the weight drops and those folks get to add disappointment and bitterness to the mix.. In the 6 years since my surgery I have seen this time and time again.. That was it.. Just a word of caution.

    Oh.. and the cheesy pancakes are MARVELOUS!

  3. ravengrrl says:

    Yep, I totally have the fear of the grapefruit in tube socks look after surgery. However, I’d rather have saggy girls than all that fat on my body. I think I was in junior high the last time they were cute and perky anyway.

    How’s this for Type A personality? When Lynnda was making the pancakes, I cringed as I saw her use the metal fork and spoon in the pan. All I could think of was, “OMG, she’s going to scratch that pan.”

    Thanks for another great show!

  4. shepkatt says:

    Haahaaa.. It is an old pan!! I didn’t use my good ones that only are touched by silicon!

  5. The scratched off Teflon coating chips add to the magical flavor of the cottage cheese pancake :-)

  6. FreakyNana says:

    To: T2 Nashville: You should live next door to them!!! They are the sweetest, most helpful, smart, funniest most talented family I have ever met! We just love them!! They are so wonderfully wicked! (Okay guys, bring me some more calcium chewies and I’ll say more, okay?)Those calcium chewies are soooooooo good!
    It’s great being a Friday Freaky!

  7. ravengrrl says:

    Mmm…teflon chips. Can I use that as a WLS friendly substitute for chocolate chips? Nom nom nom.

  8. shepkatt says:

    FreakyNana! We are filming again tomorrow.. come over and say hi.. It’s been a long time since I have seen ya!

  9. T2Nashville says:

    FreakyNana! Hug them really big for me! They’ve helped change my life! You lucky duck that you are close enough to laugh with them in person!

  10. Connie Mooers says:

    Great web-site but frankly I am offended by the word “freak”, I almost did not sign on to the web-site because of that word. I think the surgury is the best thing I have ever done for myself and I do not at all feel like a freaks, several of my friends are offended by the word too.

  11. T2Nashville says:

    Know what else I love? That Grand Ole Opry music that Mike uses when the girls are cooking! Makes me feel at home…

  12. Hi Connie – Since Toni and I have had surgery as well – and consider it one of the best things we ever did – do you really think we would be using the term to purposely offend people? No way man. I am in the IT industry and I have been called a geek, a nerd and even a propeller head.. I have never taken offense because I know those terms were never meant in a mean way. If you truly are offended by how we use the term “freak” then maybe this site isn’t for you. There are tons of places on the net to gather information.. you need to do what feels right for you. We hope you stay and can realize that in this place – “freak” is a very good thing!

  13. Connie…sorry you and your friends are offended. We explained in episode two why we considered the word freak.

    Being 5 years out and maintaining my weight, the biggest key to my success is I’ve been a “freakish” “devoted fan or follower; enthusiast,” to the change in life style I’ve had to make to be successful.

    For me..it’s about not returning to the normal. Normal is what made me obese in the first place. Why do you think America has one of the largest population of obese citizens in the World? Because it’s “normal” to super size your meals. It’s normal to spend your day working instead of getting out and getting exercise and fresh air and it’s normal to sit in front of a TV for 6+ hours a day.

    I don’t ever want to be “normal” again. :-)

  14. Springcomes2tx says:

    Hey Mike…did ya know ya have a boo-boo at the beginning of the show? Uhhmmm…that is unless miCronutrients is really spelled without the c!

  15. Springcomes2tx says:

    Tina, Lynnda!! Love the show. My sister turned me on to you two gals (and the whole rest of the crazy crew) last week. I spent an entire day watching all your videos from day one. You tell it like it is and E-30 was a good one. My sister had WLS a little over a year ago and has reached her goal + some. She has been very open about the loose skin, boobies gone MIA, constipation and that her butt is now inconvieniently placed behind her knees. She says it hurts to sit down and has to carry a cushion with her. Seriously, I asked if she couldn’t pick it up before she sat down?! WTH do I know? But she has since found some neat undies that pull everything up and gives her a little extra padding so she now has a butt again…a packaged butt…but a butt nonetheless. She’s looking at surgery down the road.

    By her honesty, she has helped prepare me for my WLS down the road (I’m in the insurance phase…God bless them little creeps); and I thank you guys for being there to take us newbies by the hand and prepare us for the real world. I’m ready! I’VE GOT MY FREAK ON!

  16. FreakyNana says:

    Thanks Sheppkat but I’m playing with the grand kids this weekend with a three day sleepover…talk about working out!!!!! Catch ya next time.
    P.S. I like the word “freak” better than the word “obese” or “fat”. To me, “freak” means I’m not normal and I’m not. It means I was brave enough and cared enough about my health to have my digestive tract rerouted. That’s just my opinion. To each their own.
    T2Nashville…I’ll give them a hug for you!
    They are as you see them on their show. I’m really proud of them!

  17. Ridge Redhead says:

    As always, ladies, great show. (and Mike !) I hate cooking but I’m going to try the cottage cheese pancakes – just as soon as I get back from my morning bike ride. Freak on !

  18. Big Mickey says:

    Hey Springcomes2tx,

    Nice catch!! I never noticed that I had an MIA C on that. Email e at mike at bariatrictv dot com. I want your address so I can send something your way for helping out.


  19. wtgrlady says:

    If someone is offended by the word “freak” then you need to go back to episode 2 and watch it. I am proud to be a freak. Get your freak on!

  20. Lynnette says:

    Loved the part about the “girls”. I used to squeeze myself into a 42DD and now (140 lbs. lighter), I’m lucky to be a 34B. Last weekend I was wearing a t-shirt with a low v-neck, and (thanks to a good bra), I thought I looked pretty good…until my 13-year old granddaughter said, “Hey, look at Nettie trying to show off cleavage she doesn’t have!” That gave us all a good laugh!

  21. Thanks for making me the FOW!

    Since my med change up things have been going a lot better. I keep more of my food down and I can get more food in now too.

    Now to pakc up a house and 7 kids and move. Oy vey!

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