Episode 40: New From Wendelton Industries!

Posted by on Aug 6, 2009 in Honeymoon Period, Plastic Surgery, Pre-Op, Reviews

Episode 40: New From Wendelton Industries!

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In episode 40, of your favorite weight loss surgery video show, we have a Freak of the Week that’s had things a bit rough but is now on the mend. We’ll take a look at the post weight loss panniculectomy. Spend a little time talking about how surgery can benefit your entire family. And we’ll introduce you to a new healthy product from the good folks at Wendelton Industries.


  • This weeks “Freak of the Week” is Jocklyn..also know as imzinchworm
  • Jocklyn’s had a few complications but still has a great attitude.
  • We look at another reconstructive surgery… The panniculectomy.
  • The panniculetomy removes hanging fat and skin from the tummy area.
  • Be sure to find a surgeon highly qualified to do this surgery.
  • In extreme cases the panniculetomy can be considered a medical necessity .
  • If you are experiencing adverse effects from hanging skin after weight loss, your health insurance may cover your panniculectomy.
  • How does weight loss surgery affect your family .
  • Weight loss surgery has risks, but we forget that there are also risks with being obese.
  • Your family will benefit from healthier nutrition.
  • Your family will also benefit from you having more energy to get out and experience the world.
  • Share with us, in our forums, how your family benefited from your weight loss surgery.
  • This week we have an exciting new product from our friends at Wendelton Industries.
  • The Omega Master 9000 has a patented Omega 3 extraction process.
  • Fish not included with the Omega Master 9000.
  • With Bariatric Advantage Omega 3 Chews you just unwrap and chew.
  • Order up some Bariatric Advantage Omega 3 Chews from the BTV eStore.
  • The Bariatric Advantage Omega 3 Chews are more convenient than the Omega Master 9000.


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9 Responses to “Episode 40: New From Wendelton Industries!”

  1. Does the Omega Master liquify the skins better than the Bass-o-Matic?

  2. oh, well, I guess you can’t embed videos :(

    here’s the link:


  3. Kristopia says:

    Ick – put the drink down and back away! I do like fish, however :) But not mixed with strawberries, etc., and blended – bleh! Ugh. Makes me gag to think about – I believe I gagged a bit when Toni gagged LOL

  4. Ravengrrl: Kristen says:

    I started gagging the second Mike picked up that fish and I knew he was putting it in the blender. That bit was HORKTASTIC!

  5. Uh no.. the skins were not liquified during the filming of this segment.. In fact.. the OmegaMaster9000 almost churned it’s last rainbow trout.

  6. HORKTASTIC! LOVE IT.. will have to work that into an episode somehow.. LOL

  7. As Lynnda mentioned, the fish skin was a bit unforgiving on the OmegaMaster 9000. When we shut it down not only did we have the wonderful aroma of fish, strawberry, pineapple and banana, we also had the hint of burning rubber mixed in to accentuate the gag reflex!


  8. time to get a new blender! lol

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