Episode 53: How’s About a Clothing Exchange!

Posted by on Nov 5, 2009 in Honeymoon Period, Long Term, Pre-Op, Psychological Issues

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In episode 53 we find out who’s the biggest BTV pimp. Take a look at post weight loss surgery clothing exchanges. Look at some ways to handle post surgery attention. And we wrap things up with a list to help you avoid failure.


  • We unveil the winner of the BTV Freak Finder contest.
  • And the winner is… Well you’ll just have to watch.
  • After surgery you need to get rid of some of those clothes that no longer fit.
  • You could always donate those clothes to a local charity.
  • Another way to gt rid of them is a clothing exchange.
  • Talk to your support group coordinator about setting up an exchange for the group.
  • Be sure to set ground rules for your clothing exchange.
  • Set up a special space for your exchange, use long tables with sizing signage.
  • After weight loss surgery, you’re going to get unwanted attention.
  • Your well within your rights to ignore those that give you unwanted attention.
  • Be prepared for uninvited attention from the opposite sex.
  • Toni found a flyer in her order of Bariatric Advantage stuff.
  • The 21 mistakes that bariatric patients make.
  • This week we’ll do the first 11.
  • The list came from Katie Jay of NAWLS.com


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5 Responses to “Episode 53: How’s About a Clothing Exchange!”

  1. First off, Toni, your hair looks FABULOUS. Love the cut and highlights!

    About my clothes and unwanted attention… they kinda go hand in hand. My eldest daughter is also obese, and has been having problems staying motivated. Sending her my old clothes as hand me downs does two things: first, gets her off the hook for the cost of new clothing… second: sparks her competitive nature knowing mom is now smaller. She hasn’t always been the most supportive of my choice to have WLS, but is now thinking more and more about how the changes I’ve made have made me a healthier, happier person.

    My sister (over 300 lbs) saw a recent photo of me and said “Holy Sh*t, what size are you now?” Which isn’t exactly comfortable, and perhaps not supportive, but I guess it’s also understandable. We had a long talk and now she’s also considering WLS.

  2. T2Nashville says:

    I’d like to thank you guys (and Bariatric Advantage) for sharing Katie’s list. I’m counseling a couple of my co-workers on their decision to have WLS, and this list really helps them both in their research and in knowing what to expect.

    And yes, Toni, that hair ROCKS!

  3. WOOT! What a cool way to start off the day! Thanks to everyone who signed up through me. I wish you all success on your weight loss journey. Bariatric TV ROCKS!

  4. The grazing comment during that video reminded me that I hadn’t eaten…so thank you! Great show guys!

  5. Thank you Lynnda, Toni, and Big Mickey for this episode! It was absolutely hilarious! All the banter back and forth was great. I, too, rcv’d Katie’s list. It sits on my desk; I read it often. The reminder about grazing was much needed, as I fight with this daily. It really is amazing how “one little bite” ten times a day can add up. In other words, all bites really do in fact count!

    Toni, love love love the new do! It is so great on you!

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