Episode 54: I Vant Your Blood

Posted by on Nov 12, 2009 in Honeymoon Period, Long Term, Pre-Op

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Episode 54 brings us a brand new Freak of the Week. We’ll also take a look at post weight loss surgery blood work, you’re getting it done, right? There’s some new Federal Trade Commission rules that we’ll be following. And we’ll wrap things up with the remaining 10 most common mistakes that weight loss surgery patients make.


  • This weeks Freak of the Week is TaylorD.
  • Taylor’s had 3 weight loss surgeries.
  • Lynnda wants your blood!
  • Did you get our post surgery blood work done?
  • Even if you follow all the rules you could have deficiencies in your blood.
  • Toni is working on fixing an iron deficiency.
  • You doc will most likely do a comprehensive metabolic panel.
  • You may want to also get a bone density scan.
  • There’s new FTC guidelines for product reviews and recommendations.
  • We have to let you know if we get FREE crap to review.
  • We have to let you know if we get money from sponsors. Uh….we get money from sponsors, that’s why they’re called sponsors.
  • The last 10 of the 21 most common mistakes that weight loss surgery patients.
  • The list came from Katie Jay of NAWLS.com


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5 Responses to “Episode 54: I Vant Your Blood”

  1. T2Nashville says:

    Best tip from this week? “No one knows how to do me like ME!” How true! :)

    Mike – the FTC thing won’t affect our product reviews on the forum, will it? I mean, we can still go say what we think is good or bad, yes?

  2. Hey Tammy, You can say whatever you want in the forums. A forum post isn’t the same as being a blogger.

    Really this all comes down to disclosing relationships that bloggers have with products they review or endorse. Until you set up a website that reviews products, you have nothing to worry about.

    So please! don’t stop posting your thought in the forum. That’s valuable stuff.


  3. No Peep Hatin' says:

    Non judgemental friends. Really? Where’s the fun in that?!

  4. LOVE those earrings, Toni!!

    And I even though I left NJ 15 years ago, I’m still a Jersey Girl at heart…

  5. ..and even if you do review, anywhere, you are fine as long as you disclose that you got a product FOR review, if you did.

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