Patrina’s Journey Episode 2: Who is Patrina?

Posted by on Apr 16, 2010 in Honeymoon Period, Pre-Op

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In episode 2 of Patrina’s Journey: Stripped Bare we take a look at just who Patrina is. We also take a look at the pre weight loss surgery requirements that she is following.


  • Patrina lives in Ontario, Canada.
  • Patrina introduces us to the kids, and the hubby.
  • Patrina will be having Roux-en-Y  on April 30th
  • Prior to weight loss surgery Patrina will be on the Optifast shakes.
  • She looks at the nutrition in the Optifast.
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6 Responses to “Patrina’s Journey Episode 2: Who is Patrina?”

  1. Patrina, wow girl, you have your Hands full with three kids, hubby and doing this for us. Thank you so much. Not only will you be helping those just starting off but you will also be bringing back what it was like for those of us that are much further out and that in itself can be very motivating to get back on track.

  2. mmmm Optifast! so many memories! We do Optifast too here in the states! However, my shakes were premixed (think like juice boxes) and they were pretty good. Maybe that’s why I keep hearing how horrible they are. I actually kind of enjoyed them! Plus we got soup and even a bar for a snack (although the bars tasted like chocolate covered cardboard!). Good luck on your journey! I think it is so cool for you to videoblog your experience!

  3. I did Optifast too for awhile.. but mine were premixed in those little juice boxes too.. Not bad :-) Yeah to Patrina for sharing her journey!

  4. Patrina, pleased to meet you. Watching your video reminded me of those months of surgery preparation mental and physical – and I got excited all over again. I look forward to watching your progress.

  5. Shanolyn says:

    Hello Patrina,
    My name is Shanolyn Martinez and i’m from Colorado.I wanted to let you know that i am so happy for u for having the courage to have the surgery. i know its scary and you have to metally prepare yourself for it. I had my surgery April 5th and am doing well. I am glad you are sharing your journey with us because i think some people need to see what its all about. Good Luck and i will be praying for you and a speedy recovery.

  6. Jan Davis says:

    Hi Patrina,
    Your journey will be very exciting to watch, I’m sure. But can you try not to say “um” so much? It’s kind of annoying.

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