Episode 78: Newbies vs. Oldies

Posted by on May 14, 2010 in Long Term, Pre-Op, Recipes

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On this weeks episode of your favorite weight loss surgery video show we have a new name for our on line chat support group. We talk about why you should have some before and after photos. We take a look at some internet drama between newbies and those further out from weight loss surgery. And wrap things up with soup that’s a south of the border favorite!


  • This week we skip the I Freakin Did It segment so that we can announce the new name of our support group.
  • The new name is… Weekly Freak Speak!
  • The winner of the Building Blocks protein and the Best of Season One DVD is Paula or HopenToBeThin.
  • Are you taking progress pictures of your weight loss journey?
  • Having before and after weight loss pictures can help you keep on track.
  • These pics can also help with getting insurance to cover reconstructive surgery.
  • The path of a newbie to weight loss surgery is different that the path of those much further out.
  • Oftentimes newbies can sound judgmental to those further along.
  • We borrow a quote from Andrea at wlsvitagarten
  • Yummy Pasole recipe!


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5 Responses to “Episode 78: Newbies vs. Oldies”

  1. Classy as always you guys! I enjoyed Andrea’s statements as well. There are some days where my pouch seems to have grown a bit, so the information was timely. Thanks to all of you.

  2. kristi-bisti says:

    is there a substitute for the hominy? It’s not that readily available up here. maybe just plain corn?

  3. Toni, you look so great in tha colour! And Lynnda, sharp as always! Now…just to find me some hominy!

  4. Cans of hominy can usually be found the specialized section of most grocery stores. Near the Asian noodles, matza (sp?) breads, and other specilized ethnic foods.

    I NEVER find it in the canned veggie section and I live a stones throw away from the border.

  5. T2Nashville says:

    You know, after 78 weeks of watching you guys, I still find every episode to be so informational – so timely – so interesting and funny. THANK YOU for the hard work you do every week to keep us up-to-date and on track. And love this soup recipe! I love hominy!


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