Episode 88: You Know… We Can Eat a Sandwich

Posted by on Aug 26, 2010 in Pre-Op, Psychological Issues, Reviews

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On this weeks episode of BariatricTV our I Freakin Did It did some new things on her summer vacation. We talk about how your obesity could have been due to more than simple overeating. We then take a look how you should be focusing on more than just numbers.  And we finish things off with The Earl of Sandwich, as his evil plans are foiled by an Oroweat sandwich thin.

*UPDATE* Thanks to forum member inaturnadound for pointing out to us that on the east coast the Oroweat Sandwich Thin is sold under the name Arnold Sandwich Thin. We’ve added a link below for their site for you east coast freaks!


  • This weeks I Freakin Did It is Debbie. Also known as yourWLbuddy
  • Debbie did some new things on her summer vacation.
  • Are you spending too much time concentrating on numbers after weight loss surgery?
  • In our online chat we came up with a list of things you can focus on.
  • To be successful you need to come to terms with why you were obese in the first place.
  • It’s easy to blame obesity on lack of self control and discipline, but that are many other reasons as well.
  • Understanding what contributed to your obesity plays a big part in curing it.
  • The Earl of Sandwich wants to keep his invention from you freaks.
  • An Oroweat Sandwich Thin means you too can enjoy a sandwich.
  • A few suggestions for sandwiches to make with Oroweat Sandwich thins.


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7 Responses to “Episode 88: You Know… We Can Eat a Sandwich”

  1. baka (Ian) says:

    Nice job freaks!

    May wanna proof read the blurb again ;)


  2. If you mean the text above.. It’s done.. :-) Thanks Ian.

  3. I really appreciated this week’s episode. As a newb, I really was feeling overwhelmed with the numbers. Thanks for helping me switch my focus a little.

  4. futuresveltemom says:

    Yes, the Orowheat/Arnolds sandwich thins are FANTASTIC and I usually have one 2-3 times per week. No issues with the pouch at all.

    They also have “bagel thins”. Same idea but with the little bagel hole and only 100 calories. I can’t tolerate regular bagels at all but I can tolerate the bagel thins.

  5. I love the Bagel Thins! As a matter of fact Toni bought some regular bagels a couple weeks ago when the store was out of the thins, it was then I realized my taste in bagel’s had changed. The regular bagels were just to much! I now prefer the thins.

  6. I also love the Bagel Thins. I thought I was never going to have a bagel again but I very happy to spot these in the grocery store. While I don’t eat them everyday, they are a GREAT alternative for us freaks.

  7. T2Nashville says:

    Thanks for doing this episode. While we love the humor you guys always provide, sometimes you have to get a little serious, too, especially when talking about the daily struggles we face inside our heads. I appreciate ya’ll more every day!

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