Episode 121: Post Bariatric Choppers

Posted by on Apr 22, 2011 in Honeymoon Period, Pre-Op, Reviews

In this week’s episode of BariatricTV we have a Drop Zone Freak who has changed her perception. In the Dumping Ground segment we discuss caring for your teeth after weight loss surgery. Then, in Altered Reality, we offer up a few tips on dealing with the first few weeks after surgery. Finally, we wrap things up in the Freak On segment with a review of a new web site that we learned about during our recent trip to New York.


  • The Drop Zone segment features Sally Wimberley or as she’s known on YouTube, Cabernetqueen.
  • Have you considered how your tooth care may change after bariatric surgery?
  • Lynnda’s dentist has mentioned that he’s seen some big problems with some post weight loss surgery patients.
  • If you don’t keep up on your calcium supplements it could lead to bone loss, which could lead to tooth loss.
  • After weight loss surgery your saliva can be more acidic. This could lead to erroding the enamel on your teeth.
  • Seeing your dentist twice a year is even more important after weight loss surgery.
  • We share a few tips to help you in the weeks right after surgery.
  • There’s no way you’ll be able to get in all your water, vitamins and protein right after surgery.
  • Concentrate on staying hydrated
  • Give it a little time before rushing right back into your daily routine.
  • You may have trouble “Picking Flowers” after surgery.
  • Don’t rush your food plan, you may wind up developing some bad habits.
  • Take pictures and measurements so you have something to compare to when you hit a stall – And you WILL stall.
  • Don’t play the comparison game.
  • Do not try to push your limits once you’re eating regularly.
  • Please contact your doctor if you’re experiencing pain.
  • You WILL have emotional mood swings, it’s normal!
  • Find a protein and vitamin supplement you like
  • Keep one piece of your big clothes, it will help you on the days when you need some inspiration.
  • We do a review of heartonmysleeveblog.com


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11 Responses to “Episode 121: Post Bariatric Choppers”

  1. Another superb show Ladies (and gentleman Mike). Lynnda – love your pick, made me thing Spring!! Hope you’re feeling better Toni. Hugs.

  2. I meant Pink Lynnda – not pick, oh lord and I can’t even blame the hydrocodone anymore – just my post menapausal brain at work.

  3. I LOVE the review. WINNING.

  4. sally wimberley says:

    I laughed!….i thought my submission was in file 13 – because i missed the 1 line rule!ahahahahaha! i am honored. cannot wait to see you in Vegas!

  5. Sherry Bumgardner says:

    As always, LOVE you all! See you in Vegas…

  6. baka (Ian) says:

    Nice job calling them out ;)

    3 weeks and counting……..

  7. Big Mickey says:

    Sally, nobody goes into file 13! We punish you all equally! :-)

  8. Big Mickey says:

    Ian – Not really looking at it as “Calling them out” more just doing what we think is an honest review of the site.

    We really are hoping it does get more real, if not I am certain it won’t survive, and that would be a shame. It has such great potential to educate and inform if EES is brave enough to let it.


  9. Jennifer Hauss says:

    Thanks for the review for post ops. so timely for me as I have my RNY on Thurs!!! Continue to LOVE this site!!

  10. Mike – I was typing the same thing about not really seeing it as ‘calling them out’.. but my wireless keyboard died..

    Anyway.. we really want them to be successful.. because with their success comes more avenues of info for pre-ops and their families.. :-)

  11. I agree. I really do hope it’s successful because all information is valuable. But blogging is about personal expression, and I hope we to see more of that. It’s the human factor that draws us into someone’s blog, Mistakes and all endear us to the subjects.

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